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  1. B

    Question Frequent router connection drops on my vdsl broadband connection ?

    My dlink/beetel router (airtel vdsl 40mbps broadband) keeps dropping connection. The router logs are as below, and the same thing repeats every 10-15mins. Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 66 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2404:a800:0:14::1:1010 Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 67 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server...
  2. Kankkunen

    Upgrading CPU from AMD to Intel

    I've been running with fx8350 and 99fx mobo for while now and the lack of single core performance is starting to be burden in some games that i play (for example arma3/world of tanks). My plans are to upgrade to Intel as they seem to have alot better single core performance and would fit my...
  3. I

    Kindly help me please

    Im going to buy asus h97 board. . I also want to buy hyper 212x will that cooler fit?