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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Used Alcohol with moisturizer to clean cpu, should I be worried?

    HELP! Used Isop Alcohol with MOISTURIZER to clean Ryzen CPU. Do I need to redo and how much did I screw up Hello, I foolishly bought a 70 % Isop Alcohol with MOISTURIZER, and cleaned CPU thermal paste, PCB of the CPU, some parts of the motherboard, RAM golden contact pins, and of course the...
  2. xse7enx

    Question Using WD-40 for cleaning pc case

    Can I use WD-40 to clean or as a maintenance for a pc case? (inwin 301)? TY
  3. [SOLVED] Accidentally sprayed alcohol on my CPU pins

    So I was trying to clean off the thermal compound from the CPU with a 96% alcohol when I accidentally sprayed the pins. The pins have turned darker in color (I've let it dry for about an hour) but am not seeing any noticeable difference. I was thinking of testing it out by I read an article...
  4. C

    Question Keyboard Switch

    Some of my keyboard switches does not register sometimes, I already blow it and half press, it would work but would come back again. Can I use a 70% alcohol to clean directly the switches? It's okay to stain my keyboard since its only generic and will buy soon. Thanks!
  5. Zuce101

    [SOLVED] 70% medical alcohol for gpu cleaning

    I've recently bought a second hand rx 480 and i'm guessing the previous owner was a smoker and the card really smells. I'm planing on opening it up and cleaning it completely and replacing the thermal paste and pads. Would it be safe to use 70% medical alcohol? I know it's best to use IPA but...
  6. N

    Headphones switching sound to speakers

    Hi, recently my Sentey Artix USB headphones have been randomly switching my sound to my speakers and then after a few seconds, back to my headphones. I've had these headphones for about a year now, so they might just be old. Also, sometimes sound will start to sound like static and I will have...
  7. A

    AMD A10 Laptop transformed into AMD FX?

    I have a laptop called ASUS X550ZE-XX033D and I bought it for around $481. The specs when bought are as follows: AMD A10-7400P APU (Base 2,5 GHz/Turbo 3,4 GHz) 10 Compute Cores 4CPU+6GPU 4GB @1600 MHz (Dual Channel) Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Radeon R7 M265DX 15.6 inch Display 1TB Hard Drive @5400RPM...
  8. C

    if i buy the thor v2 what do i need to buy for it

    I know some stuff. But that stuff isn't this stuff. I'm going to buy the Thor v2 case and i already love it. But the downside is it needs parts that i have to purchase. The motherboard and the power supply is about all i know. What reliable power supply and motherboard can i get, or should i...