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    Question Editing a Prebuilt Bios to unlock undervolting

    Hi there, So I've got an Alienware alpha R2 and I've been trying to undervolt it for some time now, due to the good thermal benefits, but I've basically his a brick wall. Dell in their mighty wisdom have pretty much disabled most bios tweaking and it seems pretty much all over/underclocking...
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    Question Help on the new Wifi 6 Tech and what cables go where

    So I've been using my Alienware alpha R2 for a while now but recently the Wifi has started to become a bit of an issue. The place im using it pretty much has hotel Wifi and that's starting to get a bit unreliable for gaming. So i started wondering about whether upgrading the wifi card or...
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    [SOLVED] Is it Safe to Upgrade to a Kit with Different CAS Latency and Timings?

    I've found 2 16GB G.Skill kits that I'm interested in. Both have different CAS Latencies and Timings. The manual for my system from the Dell support site doesn't say anything about requiring a specific CL or Timing. All it says is: Connector: Two SODIMM slots Type: DDR3L Speed 1600 MHz...
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    Question Alienware Alpha R1

    Hello everyone! I've embarked on an interesting quest. I have recently received an Alienware Alpha R1 i7 4765T version. They're decent at best of a device but struggled with thermal throttling issues. So I've decided to do something about that. I'm doing some testing before I drop 16GB of...