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  1. Vector1857

    Question G Sync not working on Native G sync display and 30 series card ?

    I just got a new monitor as my second which i just setup with an HDMI. after that my main monitor with a g sync module wont allow g sync and nothing im doing is fixing this. The monitor is an Alienware AW3821DW and my gpu is 3090 on DP1.4 . "Set up g sync" does not show in controle panel. I've...
  2. CatFromBelow

    Question BIOS and Mobo GPU compatibility

    So I recently got an Alienware Aurora R3 from a garage sale everything works great except the graphics is very out of date. I'd like to change to my Radeon RX 580 from my Radeon HD 6950 but when I install the 580 my motherboard doesnt recognize it. Is there a solution to this?
  3. D

    Question Alienware AW2521H Pixel problem?

    Hi guys, Today i started noticing some weird pixels when i watched netflix on my computer. They only show up at the intro, and after that they are gone.. It also happens if i pause the intro, and the black bars come up with title etc showing, then the pixels come up. If i play a black screen on...
  4. C

    Question Cooling improvements with the Alienware Alpha R2

    So I've got the Alienware alpha R2 with the 960 and as is probably obvious it gets kinda hot. Sticks around 83C with the fans being annoyingly loud so I was wondering if there's any way to improve the cooling. I've already re-pasted both the CPU and GPU with Arctic MX4 and I oiled the fans, but...
  5. C

    Question Editing a Prebuilt Bios to unlock undervolting

    Hi there, So I've got an Alienware alpha R2 and I've been trying to undervolt it for some time now, due to the good thermal benefits, but I've basically his a brick wall. Dell in their mighty wisdom have pretty much disabled most bios tweaking and it seems pretty much all over/underclocking...
  6. H

    Question CPU Dropping speed

    So after a long research and after loads of troubleshooting, I've find no solution to my problem, my issue is my CPU works at 3.50 GHz while I'm using my laptop normally but when I'm in a game it drops to 2.80 (Base speed) and after a couple minutes of playing it suddenly drops to 0.80 GHz for...
  7. Aphenis

    [SOLVED] watchdog bsod

    Alienware aurora r4 16gb ram. i7-4820k 3.7 ghz GeForce gtx 690 I'm not sure if my graphics card is going out. when i run a game i used to play ill get the bsod watchdog violation. I've done all the steps I'm supposed to do when looking up how to fix it and none of them worked. help please!
  8. pouya.1991

    Question Problems with refurbished Dell gaming PC

    Hi, I have a Dell Alienware Aurora R11 gaming PC that comes with an Nvidia 3080 GPU which I bought from BestBuy as a refurbished machine 10 days ago. I just started using it and tried to install the middle earth shadow of the war on it, and it caused the machine to crash and showing this image...
  9. M

    Question Alienware M17x r4 graphics driver error ?

    Alienware m17xR4 Error : "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" What I've tried so far : installed latest driver from nvidia site . insatlled driver from dell website ( which is old 2013 ) . installed nvidia driver through windows update. Nothing seems to...
  10. M

    Question 100hz vs 180hz

    I have a Alienware AW3418DW. And I recently have been thinking about upgrading it. And stumble upon a Acer Predator monitor at my local micro center this model here: Acer Predator X34 GSbmiipphuzx 34" QHD 180Hz...
  11. Justinsanity

    Question Programs flicker black when running other programs/games in the background?

    Windows 10 64bit AMD Ryzen 3700X 16GB ASRock B450M Steel Legend GeForce RTX 2060 (MSI) Monitors: DELL AW2518HF @240 VG248 @144 I'm not entirely sure what prompted this, but when I am, say, running a game and I alt-tab to go on chrome or PowerPoint or something, the window for those programs...
  12. S

    Question alienware area 51m micro stuttering

    As the title states, recently I have been having issues with my laptop whenever i play games. The games i tend to play are games like tekken 7, league of legends, and and old mmo ragnarok online. It seems to stutter every 30 sec - 1 minute in frequency. I run a rtx 2060, 32 gb ram, i7 9700k and...
  13. Lejend

    Question Which 360Hz is better for competitive first person shooters? Asus PG259QN or Alienware AW2521H?

    Which 360Hz is better for competitive first person shooters? Asus PG259QN or Alienware AW2521H? Not really sure which one to choose purely for competitive first person shooters. I have a 4k monitor for other purposes.
  14. B

    Question Fried something in my laptop. Is it worth fixing?

    I have an older Alienware laptop that I "fried" a couple years ago. I took an external DVD drive, plugged it into the USB port of the laptop. Then I put the wrong AC adapter into the DVD drive. BOOM! instantly killed the laptop. Is it a cheap hardware replacement, or would it be a whole...
  15. Elee_

    Question How To Fix "Fuzzy" Monitor

    My monitor appears disjointed and fuzzy, possibly a refresh rate issue? Model is an Alienware AW2518H, about a couple years old. The blurry / fuzziness continues all the way up the screen with it stopping at the very top for a few centimetres. Any suggestions on how to fix and what's the...
  16. A

    Question i9-10900K best settings for the Alienware area-51m r2

    Hey guys, so, I am buying an Alienware area-51m r2 with that monster cpu (19-10900K)(GPU: Geforce RTX 2070 Super) and I was wondering if someone found a sweet spot for the voltage amount aiming for longevity of the chip, not really interested in making it run 6Ghz (last thing I wanna do is...
  17. B

    Question Monitor only displaying 1280x1024

    I have an HP W2371d, it used to be my main display that I connected through HDMI to an adapter (the monitor has VGA and DVI-D, the adapter was something that plugs into the DVI port and sticks out of the back, that has an HDMI female port on it.) Yesterday, I got my new monitor, a Samsung...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Alienware motherboard in new case

    Hello ive put my Alienware r10 motherboard into a new case (icue 465X rgb) I’m tying to connect the power switch cable, reset cable and led cables but there’s no connection for it. Any ideas please
  19. D

    Question Razer vs alienware

    Hello guys! I plan on buying a new keyboard and mouse. I plan on pairing them so: Razer Blackwidow 2019 and Razer Basilisk(white) and Alienware 510k (or AW768) and AW610M(or AW959) Any help deciding on what should I get? Thanks!
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Alienware 34" vs Samsung Odyssey 49"

    Hello guys! So I plan on buying a new monitor that has all you need. I'm trying to decide between these to: Samsung odyssey ( Alienware...