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    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or 2600X

    hello, i am building my first PC and i am not sure wether i should purchase the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or the 2600X version. i heard that the 2600X is the better option if you aren't overclocking, but i definitely want to do so since it is free performance and seems easy eanough to do. in this case...
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    [SOLVED] Heatsink size

    Hi fellas, got a question for people with a little experience surrounding heatsinks for your CPU. I'm looking to start a build in a Fractal Design Node 202. For those not familiar with this case, it only provides a maximum cpu cooler clearance of about 56-58mm according to what I have read, and...
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    ntoskrnl.exe BSOD troubleshooting help

    So I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to troubleshoot these constant BSODs I've been getting. Primarily while gaming and occurring after I bought and installed a GTX 1080 Duke. During these past 2 weeks I've run sfc /scannow, memtest, used the properties>tools to scan my hard drives, monitored...
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    Laptop lid problem

    Just replaced the terrible TN panel on the new Dell 7567. However, now when I close the lid, it no longer goes to sleep mode. I made sure that the proper power settings were on in windows, and made sure the bezel was all secure. Any advice on what to do next to solve this problem would be great.
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    Need help - $800 Gaming PC for brothers birthday

    Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: Ready to purchase now Budget Range: $850 tax and shipping included System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, homework, twitch and youtube videos.. Are you buying a monitor: Yes Parts to Upgrade: New build Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred...
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    4K Gaming & Video Rendering PC Parts Help

    I want to build a high end PC for 4k gaming and video editing and rendering. To handle the 4k games, I want to use a MSI GTX 980ti. But I have one issue I need help with. I want to record my gameplay (preferably in full resolution) in the background. Would I need another GPU, or a CPU faster...
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    GPU Dilemma Should i wait for 300 series ? There are articles that came out this week, and the expected release date is june. I wanted to upgrade my graphics card by the end of this month(was gonna buy gtx 970), but then i read about the 300 series from...