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    Question Hyperx cloud alpha S not recognized unless unplugged and re plugged

    I've tried every single solution regarding updating bios and drivers and even windows, it doesn't work unless i unplugged and re plugged the usb cable... anyone can help?
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    Question asus extreme ii alpha (ASUS AMD TRX40 ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha E-ATX Motherboard)

    Hello, Has anybody out there built a system based on this motherboard? How did you get along? I'm planning to do the same, any advice you can give to get me going? Thanks in advance for reading and for any suggestion you may have
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    [SOLVED] Cooling improvements with the Alienware Alpha R2

    So I've got the Alienware alpha R2 with the 960 and as is probably obvious it gets kinda hot. Sticks around 83C with the fans being annoyingly loud so I was wondering if there's any way to improve the cooling. I've already re-pasted both the CPU and GPU with Arctic MX4 and I oiled the fans, but...
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    [SOLVED] Alienware Alpha R1

    Hello everyone! I've embarked on an interesting quest. I have recently received an Alienware Alpha R1 i7 4765T version. They're decent at best of a device but struggled with thermal throttling issues. So I've decided to do something about that. I'm doing some testing before I drop 16GB of...
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    3.5mm microphonejack not working properly

    I recently brought a new computer to play some games, the audio works fine but when i plug in my turtle beach earforce px22 headphones into the microphone jack to talk it makes a loud buzzing sound. when i plug the headphones into something like my phone the microphone works fine. could it be a...
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    updating my Graphics card.

    I am thinking about purchasing a RX470 for my pc but don't know if my motherboard will be too old to support it because it is only a gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P. If i do need a new one what am I looking for? also my CPU is AMD in case it will affect anyone answer.
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    Asus laptop shuts off after disconnecting power

    I have an Asus laptop (model X540SA). It is fairly new, I got it a few months ago, and a few weeks ago it started turning off when it is unplugged from AC power. Sometimes it's immediate, sometimes it will last a few minutes on battery before suddenly turning off. I have thoroughly...
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    1 great gaming monitor, or 3 monitors

    I have two choices and I need some expert help. 1. I was thinking of getting 1 1440p gaming monitor, like the new acer 800$ one, and 2 1080p monitors on the side. 2. Or should I just get 3 decent identical monitors? Budget is around 1000-1200. Need some help, and thanks!
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    Really slow transfer spikes in HDD

    i'm getting super slow spikes when testing transfer rate in one of my old hard disks. Should i be worried about this?