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    Question Upgrading from RX 480 8GB + want to play Alyx (VR)

    Hello everyone. Please could you help me select a new GPU. Currently using a MSI RX480 8GB, but I have decided to upgrade my entire system, spurred on by a desire to play Alyx. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: whenever i can get best deal (prepared to wait) BUDGET RANGE: £220-300 ($260-403) USAGE...
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    Question PC upgrade advice wanted so i can play Alyx

    Hi all, I was pointed towards the below template regarding request for PC upgrade advice - would appreciate your input. Current gaming build Approximate Purchase Date: no rush, but within next few month Budget Range: approx £300 on top of whatever i make selling the current components...
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    Question Alyx - min CPU spec required

    Hi all. I own an Oculus Quest 2 and really want to play Alyx. I'm told my PC (see build here at pcpartpicker) won't be able to play it due to Alyx's CPU demands (see min specs for Alyx below). Should I try and find a better CPU for my build, or should I sell up and build a newer PC (am4; ddr4...