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  1. Ai1dan

    Question My PC wont post, has a whine, and the DRAM light is on

    I was up for hours last night and I have no idea what to do. When I had first turned on the PC it had an odd smell and was making a whine so I turned it off pretty quickly just out of anxiety and looked around the pc. The smell was like a plastic / chemicall-y smell. Later on I took the PC to my...
  2. snakej

    Discussion PowerColor RX 7900 XTX Reference Design

    Hello everyone, I picked up a reference PowerColor RX 7900 XTX from Micro Center, I have 13 days left to return it, I've been trying to make sure my card is not affected by the junction temperature problem. As you can see [Image for reference included below] GPU temps never went above 82 C...
  3. crisluni88

    Question Windows boot time when overclocking DDR5 RAM on AM5

    Hi! I have just updated my pc to AM5: Ryzen 5 7600 X Asus Tuf Gaming B650-plus MSI MSG A850G PCI Express 5.0 RTX 4090 FE graphics card Samsung 970 EVO M.2 32 Gb RAM DDR5 First I used this RAM: Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 32GB (2x16GB) 5200MT/s DDR5 CL36. When setting the frequency to 5200 MHz...
  4. D

    Question new am5 build gpu issue

    Hello all, So i've recently decide to take the leap and build a new AM5 PC and i ran into a very confusing problem and have been troubleshooting for days to any avail. The problem is that whenever i put my GPU(gtx 1080) in the first pciex16 slot it simpy doesnt work well or not at all...
  5. Nik02

    Question My system wont post

    So I'm trying to upgrade my system to AM5 I got all the parts Mob: B650 TOMAHAWK WIFI CPU: Ryzen 5 7600x Ram: 2x16gb ddr5 Corsair Vengence 5200mhz GPU: MSI 3080 suprim 11 gb PSU: EVGA 750 GT After installing all the part with no Storage just to see if it boots to bios, it gave out no display...
  6. PrinceOfDarkness00

    Question ASROCK B650 PG Lightning vs ASUS TUF GAMING B650-PLUS for entry level AM5?

    So whats the feeling between these two? CPU : Ryzen 7600X & CM ML240L V2 Ideally would be looking for one to last me a while. Don't feel like I'd be changing the CPU any time soon but having the option to upgrade to something like a 7900X/7950X perhaps, but for the GPU might as well get a...