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  1. Twitch.Yazuzuie

    Build Advice Terrible Situation [Low FPS]

    Hey guys recently I’ve had terrible FPS in csgo around 80-120 in casual and about 150-220 in wingman and I stream a lot. Since my pc is starting to slowly slow down i need a new cpu, but I also don’t have a monitor because right now I’m using a 19 inch insignia tv. So what should I upgrade...
  2. Shahreyar Risal

    [SOLVED] Getting 5 FPS on games with amd ryzen 2400g

    Hlw. I have recently build a pc. witch is giving me very poor performance on games. I am getting Only 30 fps in the menu and when the game starts it instantly drops to 5 FPS(low settings)!! And it stays there. I have tried GTA 5 and Assassin's creed black flag! Pretty old games! They both...