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    [SOLVED] 12 fps with amd 2600x gtx 1070 16ram

    hi! I built my little brother's computer yesterday and got it running and everything was fine but, too day when he downloaded team fortress 2 he had 12 fps... i have no idea what's the problem we tested more games but same 1-20 fps. i have never seen something like it. can someone help me out here?
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    [SOLVED] AMD 3000 Update confusion

    I am trying to ask this question general enough so it not only applies to my own system but also to other's with similar situations. I have a B450 Aorus Elite and Gigabyte is issuing many updates at the moment to support the new AMD 3000 series CPUs. In the process however they are also adding...
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    Question Cooler recomandations for AMD Ryzen 5 2600x or solutions for better temps

    Hello guys, I am having problems with my CPU temps. The idle temp is 44 celcius and the highest i got was 74 when playing Shadow of The Tomb Raider (after 20 minutes...). I have a very big case(SilentumPC Regnum RG4T) so good airflow, i connected all 3 fans that come with the case, i have good...