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  1. J

    Question Should I upgrade My GPU when my CPU is bottle necking a little?

    I'm currently playing most modern games at medium low graphics on a PALIT GTX 1050TI , I have a GIGABYTE F2A68HM-HD2 motherboard and a AMD A10 7700K (oc) CPU. I want to have better gaming performance and visual experience that is brought with a new gpu. ( I am interested in the so called GTX...
  2. T

    gtx1050ti compatible to syncmastert200hd samsung monitor?

    Is gtx1050ti card compatible to syncmastert200hd samsung monitor? I use an HDMI to connect them and the pc cannot see the monitor. The monitor can be connected with my toshiba labtop an the pc can see other monitors. What can i do?
  3. P

    Windows 10 Hotspot bsods

    Hello guy's, I'm trying to share my ethernet connection through a wifi card (tplink archer t6e, a pcie card), using windows 10 hotspot feature, but I always get BSODS while using it. I excluded a hardware issue, as without hotspot the system is stable and everything works. My mobo has two...
  4. J

    990fx G1 Gaming Debug Code 05??

    New mobo 990fx g1 gaming won't boot or post. All fans and everything comes on except display and keyboard lights. I've tried almost everything so it must be something stupid like metal touching somewhere but i triple checked it all. The debug code on the board says 05. There is no 05 code...
  5. S

    Unstable internet connection across multiple ISPs

    Hi, For the past year I've been having problems with my internet cutting out every day and I'd really appreciate some advice please. I was with bt on their infinity broadband for the past year but everyday the router would randomly disconnect and take 10-20 minutes to reconnect. This would...
  6. B

    RAID reverted to AHCI but confusing Computer Management disk reads???

    Okay, so as per my old thread (on a different subject) I have a machine that I have a 1TB SSD for a boot drive and 2x4TB HDD's to set up as RAID 1. I tried to do this, unsuccessfully, through the UEFI BIOS on the Asus Z170 Motherboard, so have decided to go with a software RAID. When setting...
  7. F

    Problem with Windows 8.1 after new motherboard was installed.

    When I start my computer I usually get a black screen for a while and then I get blue lines across my monitor and but sometimes I get a massage saying Windows didn't load correctly, I can launched my PC in safe mode and it works. I was able to use the PC sometimes but mostly it didn't work...
  8. R

    Need advice on gaming/general use pc

    My girlfriend wants a general use pc that can also play games like skyrim and sim's . I'm not a big gamer and my knowledge in PC parts and such is limited so I'm not sure I can build one . I came across a couple PC's that kinda fit the bill . 1. CybertronPC Hellion GM1213B...
  9. S

    Top Case Fan Vent Question

    I have to buy an external drive to go with my computer. I was thinking of making a casing for it and mounting it to the grills on the top of the case. Would this hurt temperature and ventilation?
  10. D

    What is the best Nvidia I can put in my new rig without needing a new power supply?

    Here's the computer I just bought: It said it was upgradeable but I don't want to get something if my power supply can't handle the load. I'm pretty sure the 750 ti would work but if I can get something...
  11. AceoFSpadesShri

    Need help about UPS

    i have 500W smps and 25" HP monitor. i am planning to buy Intex 1000VA gama UPS.. this ups enough for my PC or i have to buy more powerful UPS ? please help.
  12. rayashj

    Should I add more fans?

    Hey guys, I received all of my parts yesterday and started my build last night. I've got the Bitfenix Shinobi Window case and it came with 2 fans. One in the back and one in the front. I noticed it had room for several more. I think 2 up top and one on the side window. My question is, will the...