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  1. DJMalachite

    Question Are Asrock AM4 Motherboards still getting agesa updates?

    Hey all, asked this on reddit but i just wondering if there is still love for am4 motherboards. I have an Asrock B450M Pro4 -F running bios version 7.40, I have had some weird issues pop up after updating to this bios version ( boot failure, pc in sleep but power still on, ssds disappearing...
  2. M

    Question Going to hardware RAID on ASUS B450M, Ryzen 5 + AMD BIOS

    Win 10 64 and apps are on a SATA SSD, all data on two 8TB HDDs RAID-1 mirroring via Storage Space. I had used (and preferred) hardware RAID on previous Intel systems, but when I put this one together 6 months ago I wanted to keep things simple and went with AHCI SATA (CMS enabled, so not full...