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amd chipset drivers

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    Question I want to install my chipset drivers, but could something go wrong since my bios is on an old version?

    I figured out that I forgot to install my chipset drivers when I built my pc because I dont have an optical drive installed on it, and I want to install the chipset drivers, but Im on an older bios version and Im worried that it may cause a problem somehow.
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    [SOLVED] Should I download the drivers for the b450 tomahawk from online or use the cd that came with the board?

    Hello everyone. Recently I built a new pc using r5 2600 and a b450 tomahawk. The mobo had a cd and I used it to install all the necessary drivers (as well as many msi programs). Do I need to download them from msi's website as well or is this not required? Sorry for the stupid question, I'm just...