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  1. B

    [SOLVED] Should I consider a CPU cooler? Gaming temps average in the 70s, but the maximum values differ between Ryzen Master and HWInfo

    I am trying to understand the general guidelines of when someone should consider a third-party CPU cooler. My research has led me to understand that temps greater than 80 C are bad, but I can't figure out if that applies for a sustained average temp or for a maximum temp. This matters to me...
  2. StupidComputers

    [SOLVED] 1090t hot idle, components toss up

    Hi, I'm throwing together a basic system for my mom, ms word, firefox, maybe some picture and very maybe some video editing. Right now the cpu and cooler are on the gigabyte motherboard using igpu and idling at 38c in bios, cpu fan 400-500 of 1300rpm max, which seems hot to me and the fans seem...
  3. E

    Power Adaptor relationship to Power Supply

    Im sure the answer to this questions is out there but unfortunately I don't really know how to phrase the question. I have an old dual core ITX computer that is running off a standard power supply that i stuffed into an xbox360. I want to replace the power supply with a pico power supply for...