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    Question When installing old AMD graphics drivers, do I need to uninstall my current drivers?

    I'm having this flickering issue that seems to be from either a defective GPU (ordered new in July 2019) or display driver issues. I've tried my setup with multiple monitors and multiple displayport cables and all of them have this flickering issue (never happens on CSGO, but does in league of...
  2. L

    Question When loading into Windows 10 color is normal but for a second or 2 it changes to a green or purple color and then continues to load into windows 10

    My System Specs CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU:Sapphire RX 470 8GB Nitro OC MOBO: MSI BAZOOKA V2 B450 PSU: 450 WATT BRONZE SEASONIC CASE: DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 So since I installed this gpu the Sapphire RX 470 8gb Nitro OC and this happens on AMD drivers 19.5.2 and even happens on the newest one. Even...
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    Question Can't open AMD Settings

    So my old card (RX 560) also had this problem but I shrugged it off because I didn't need to change anything but I just installed my new card (Rx 580), uninstalled old drivers and installed the new latest drivers, rebooted an wanted to change settings with ReLive and Wattman but it wasn't...
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    Question Amd Radeon settings doesn’t update

    Whenever I try to change the graphics settings in the Amd driver such as fps caps, anti-aliasing, and tesselation levels, nothing updates and I don’t see the change in-game. But whenever I try to change the resolution or display settings it works. Should I reinstall? CPU - Ryzen 5 2600 GPU -...
  5. fraud2

    Question Saving AMD Adrenalin settings after updates.

    I'm Updating with clean install Or with DDU My AMD Adrenalin driver , After every install all my "game profile" gets deleted ... Is there any way to save them to the next update? Thank you.
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    60Hz on a 144hz monitor?

    I play first person shooters and was looking to buy a 144hz monitor for my new build, but some of my games are capped at 60hz. Skyrim for example, yes I still play it, won't work above 60fps. So my question is, if I buy a 144hz for that extra edge in shooters, will running 60fps in games look...
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    Asus rog strix z370-h gaming power sw

    Everything is installed and plugged in but i have no clue where to install the power sw cable. I have heard down in the right corner but i have pluged it there every way i can and no result.
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    Exsiting phone and dsl

    Exsiting phone wall outlit and a dsl / phone filter with line going to my phone. And dsl going to my modem which i have my desktop pluged into, in my bedroom. I want to run a cat 5 from nid box outside to the spare room which im making into my office. So I wanted to check the wiring that is...
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    Case fan.... 3pin on a 4 pin connector

    Can i connect case fan which is of 3pin ona 4 pin connector Plz explain it briefly