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  1. anuder1

    Question Radeon Software Problems

    Hello, I have recently experienced a few problems with the AMD Radeon Software. Software is Really laggy when I try to open it during games - mouse is super laggy and slow moving across the screen Games are now laggy and have a lot lower average fps than normal Things I’ve tried: -uninstalling...
  2. Rwike

    [SOLVED] 5700 XT drivers or worst luck in the world?

    Hello all, I purchased an xfx 5700 xt raw 2 a month and a half ago. Since the first second I installed it I havent been able to play a single game. It soft reboots my pc back to windows log in on any game launch or starting epic store. I've been sent 2 different cards from xfx and still same...
  3. -Arke-

    My AMD drivers just broke Realtek and I cannot fix it.

    Hello there!! Title is pretty much self explanatory. Yesterday I happened to upgrade my AMD drivers from 18.x.x to 19.5.2 (recommended). Then, at night when I was playing and using Discord, many comrades told me that my voice didn't sound right and they could barely understand me. I then tried...
  4. Rogue Leader

    Stumped as to what just happened!

    Background: Approximately 8 year old Gateway i3-530, Windows 10 Home (upgraded in place from 7) 6gb ram, Last year I installed a Sandisk 240gb SSD. Its just a basic machine that was my mothers, and now my father uses it for literally web browsing since my mother passed. So dad somehow got...
  5. I

    Water Cooling Fluid and Additive Australia

    Hi everyone, So basically I am trying to work out the fluid for my loop but everything I find seems to cause some problem somewhere else! Living in Australia doesn't seem to help either! - Initially was going to go with pre-mixed ek-cryofuel (keep things simple and since I have ekwb water...