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  1. I

    Question Problem playing Wolfenstein

    I am trying to play Wolfenstein The Old Blood on my RX 460 at ultra. Now this is the same card on which I run Wolfenstein 2 The New Collossus on Mein leben ! if you guys can believe that. The problem is that in the old blood my GPU usage drops to 6% and my fps to 20. I have clean installed...
  2. T

    Question 144Hz wont show up

    Hello, I recently baught a Dell - S2719DGF 27 inch monitor and the 144Hz option wont show up. ive tried different guides and no luck. Heres my systems specs(already checked if they are compatable with the monitor/144hz option, they are but just in case here ya go.) CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600X...
  3. curtis14adam

    Question Mixing same GPU's?

    Hey so I was wondering if you could mix a XFX Radeon RX580 8Gb Edition such has here Sorry I cant find any New Egg or amazon links to this card. This is the card I currently own and I want to mix...
  4. 0

    New RX 580 Signal Issues

    So, I got a new rx 580 from powercolor. I removed my old 380 and installed the 580, plugging in the 6+2 pin and the 6 pin power connectors. I boot up the system and start to have issues with the monitor losing signal to the graphics card, as my display shows for 1-2 seconds and then goes...
  5. R

    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition FPS Issues

    Hi - so I'm trying to Play The Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition for the first time and am surprisingly getting some serious FPS issues. The game runs around 60-70 FPS or so and drops below 60 at certain points. This is an old game and I have a GTX 1080ti. I should be shredding this game no problem and...
  6. C

    Yamaha YSP 1400 can't learn Samsung

    I have a Yamaha YSP 1400 soundbar that paired nicely with my very old Hitachi plasma TV. I just bought a Samsung UN65KS8000 smart TV. Apparently the soundbar is having trouble with the remote - I cannot get it to learn the first setting, Mute. On my remote, Mute is attained by pressing down on...
  7. R

    How do I pull data off of an SSD?

    I have some data on a SSD from a dead Lenovo laptop. What is the best to to pull those files off? What's cables might I need? I'll be using a newer laptop with a usb 3.0 port. Hoping there is something that can help.