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  1. TriStanSmythe

    Question Gigabyte Radeon RX570 4GB Graphics card installed into my PC gives me a "Windows Ran into an error" Blue screen message on Windows 10

    Hi, I am new to this post. I recently purchased a Gigabyte Radeon RX570 4GB graphics card to install into my PC, but I am having a bit of trouble with it. Before buying the GPU I have used the intergrated Vega 8 graphics of the Ryzen 3 2200g processor. So after installing the GPU, the PC would...
  2. R

    Question best supported graphic card for dell inspiron 660s core i3 processor version??Intel core i3 3240,3.4ghz

    Guys could anyone please tell me that which graphic card would be best compatible for my motherboard of dell inspiron 660s i3 processor...its a slimware model and i got to know that it only supports some low profile cards..but can i increase power supply and put some better graphics card which...
  3. S

    Question My Computer stutters/hangs after i upgrade to RX 560

    hello guys recently i upgraded my videocard into rx 560 from gtx 750ti it became slower now and always hangs and stutters this is my full specs CPU:INTEL PENTIUM G4560 3.5ghz GPU:RX 560 2gb MOBO:ECS h110m4-c2h RAM:12gb DDR4 2400mhz PWRSUPPLY:ELECTRON 700w neutron hope u can answer why it...
  4. 6

    Question GPU not drawing full power

    While playing Fallout 4 and Far cry primal on ultra my GPU does not operate at its full power that is 76W(tested with Furmark). It operates at 52 W due to which I get only 20-24 fps in the game. My GPU is an RX 460 and my PSU is a CX 450 so PSU is not the problem. I do not get this problem with...
  5. darko.skulic

    Question i3 8100 problem

    hi guys i have just bought an i3 8100 8gb ram and b360mobo i also have an amd hd 6870. Is it beter if i use the integrated graphics or the hd 6870?
  6. black-X-hammer

    Question guys my gta 5 lag and gives low fps solution plz

    gta 5 lags and other games too help me out what should i do i have cpu - fx-6300 gpu - rx470 gddr5 rog edition 4gb vram 1x 8gb ram kingston hyperx liquid cooling to the CPU my mother board is asus M5A78L-M LX3 hdd 1tb wd---wd10ezrx power supply corsair vs650 help me solve the lag issue
  7. B

    Question gpu not working again

    Hi, last night my pc was working fine and now my gpu isn't working. My gpu fans went to 100% and there is no signal. this has been happening for months, my gpu works in my friends computer but not mine replaced my psu and motherboard but still happens i get a windows 45 error and have up to date...
  8. H

    [SOLVED] Aftermarket Cooling on RX580

    Hi, so I wanna change the stock cooler on my RX580, its a RX-580P8DFWR, and I was considering buying the Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV, I am aware that the cooler supports the RX580, but I wanna make sure I dont have a custom PCB, or any other thing that can make a problem, thanks for your time...
  9. Ems1661

    Question Which GPU would fit?

    Hi guys! So im planning to build my own pc for first time. I have been doing a research a lot everyday. Since im carefull and want to make good choices as possible. So im planning to get: Ryzen 2600 B450 pro carbon ac 2x8 gb RAM (probably corsair vengeance) I mostly play games like: Leage of...
  10. C

    Need BIOS Info

    Hi, I have a P8H61-M LE Mobo. I was wondering, how and when do I need to do a BIOS update? I bought the PC couple years ago and was wondering if it was required for performance or whatsoever. Thanks in advance :)