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    Question RX 580 fans spinning at above 3000 rpm even while idle

    Hi, I've recently built my first gaming pc so bear with me here. My RX 580 fans are constantly spinning above 3000 rpm the moment I press the power button. Even when the temperature is low the fans are spinning extremely fast and loud. Currently the temperature is 22C and I have 3059 rpm. Here...
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    What RAM configuration should I get?

    I bought my rig in 2011. I have a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard that has 6 memory slots for a total of 24gb. Is it better to go with 3 x 8Gb sticks of DDR3 RAM or 6 x 4GB sticks? It is $60 more expensive to buy the six memory modules over the 3 x 8GB memory modules. I should mention that i...
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    P7H55-M LX - upgrading RAM

    Hi All, board: P7H55-M LX video: gt 220 RAM: - 3 gb DDR3 1333 (1pc 1 gig and 1 pc 2 gb) OS: Win 7 64bit location: Philippines I'm buying one 4 gb RAM stick but the stores here no longer have any 1333 mhz. They say it's already phased out and they only have the 4gb 1600 mhz available. Will I...
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    using speaker level output from audio system to line level powered subwoofer

    So, I have a Panasonic SA-PT467 audio system the subwoofer is pre-powered and uses a standard speaker level cable. I want to upgrade the subwoofer to a self-powered Auna Line 300-SW-BH because this subwoofer is self-powered it uses a line level RCA for the input. What I want to know is if it...
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    Need help to make sure this build is good please

    Hi and thanks for your time im doing my first ever pc build and orginally with going to use a gtx 980 ti but now i heard about the dx 12 change and thought why not go with amd plus i lowered by budget from 1700 to around 1200 i can spend a max of 1350 and was wondering if this build is good...