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  1. F

    Question Which of these budget cpu to buy?

    I've been planning an upgrade for a while now and it's time to plan cpus. I'm not sure if I should grab an R7 2700(X) or an i5 9400f. The amd costs an extra 50/60 euros here and to me that's quite the difference. The build is intended for gaming use mainly, maybe stream VERY rarely for my...
  2. jam500

    Question CPU Upgrade

    So I'm wanting to upgrade my CPU as it bottlenecks in certain games like AC:Odyssey. It is currently running at 4.5Ghz and I will be overclocking my next one as well. My problem is the LGA1150 socket on my motherboard leaves the i7-4790k as the best upgrade but only offers a slight 8% speed...
  3. L

    Question Cpu and Graphic card choice

    Hello, I am intending to buy a gaming PC , and would like to know the best choice between two CPUs and two graphic cards, or the best mix between them. For the CPUs: Intel Core i5 8400 Or the ryzen 5 2400G. For graphic cards: Nvidia EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 Or the AMD Gigabyte RADEON...
  4. S

    Looking for cheap chinese 144hz monitor

    Looking for cheap chinese 144hz monitor, more specifically to be under 200$ with shipping if this is even possible becouse on alibaba there are monitors for 100$ but the shipping is also 100$ so that kind of sucks :D. If anyone knows anything better please share!! :))
  5. S

    Motherboard and gtx 1060

    I have h81m vg4 motherboard a msi 1060 6gb is compatible it will fit my power supply is 620w Sorry for bad english
  6. H

    Gigabyte R9 280X OC 3GB Windforce Edition

    Hey guys, just wanna ask ye if ye know how high I can overclock the R9 280X? I currently have it at 1140/1560 Im using the stock cooler aswell
  7. JoshTech

    Toshiba Portable USB HDD Undiscoverable + Corrupted + Unformattable

    I have been having problems with this one for about 8 months. Tried to recover data, kept getting 'stuck' ie. no progress 5+ hours waiting, leaving computer on at night I have formatted (or tried to) 5 times, all failing/lasting 5+ hours to format then saying format failed About 4 months ago it...