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  1. lordtristan28

    [SOLVED] [Phenom II X4 840T] Weird character jerking/physics jerking

    I'm really hoping i can get some infomation on this, anything leading to figureing this out would be awesome. So, there is a handful of games that has this issue, Tomb raider 2013 is one of them. Everything seems normal, there is no issues with the game running, heck it runs really smooth...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Why won't my Optiplex 580 mobo recognize my Phenom II x4 840T

    I am trying to upgrade my CPU to the AMD Phenom II x4 840T, and from what I can tell it is compatible with the Dell Optiplex 580... but it shows up as an unknown AMD processor, and only runs at 800mHz. Shows up as 800mHz in CPU-Z too, but is at least able to identify what processor it is...
  3. lordtristan28

    [SOLVED] Thinking of upgrading my CPU, Not sure what to do.

    Hello! Before i get into my title, I wanted to say that i'm a student and with no job (yet) and want to upgrade my CPU on the cheaper side without having to switch out my motherboard or ram. Right now i have a "Phenom II X4 840T " Its unlocked from 4 cores to 6 cores with 3.24ghz overclocked...