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  1. hannankhan

    Question Sapphire Nitro Rx 480 4gb Heating Issue!

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  2. hannankhan

    Question Sapphire Nitro Rx 480 4gb Heating Issue!

    Hello, I have recently bought Sapphire Nitro Rx 480 4GB and installed the Radeon Drivers 21.2.3(Non-WHQL). But I am experiencing some issues like while playing games eg. GTA V when my GPU Temp crosses 65C the fan speeds sometimes stop with 1rpm and then after 4-5 min it would give some bursts to...
  3. Adhi 007

    Question Low CPU usage and high CPU usage

    My CPU : and ryzen 3 2200g GPU : RX 480, 8gb While playing old games like sleeping dogs with medium settings I get stable fps of 72 ( limited fps to 72 my monitor refresh rate is 72 ) GPU usage with medium settings 60-75 % CPU usage at medium settings 55-75 % with few fps drops when I change...
  4. AMDynamic

    Question Why should you overclock your graphics cards?

    Hi. I've just been testing some games with my strix rx 480 8gb overclocked and stock. Hitman 2016 Dragon age inquisition Pubg Apex legends Gta5 Sniper ghost warrior 3 Fallout 76 Im seeing no difference in game performance between 1330/8000 stock & 1370/8700 oc Bear in mind I play almost...
  5. B

    CPU temps higher after installing USB 3.0 dedicated expansion card

    I installed this expansion card with 4 dedicated USB 3.0 channels at approximately 5 Gbps per channel for use in an Oculus Rift room-scale setup. After installation however my idle temps have shot up from around ~30 C to approximately ~70 C reaching a max of 100 C on boot. I also have an AIO...
  6. C

    pc crashes when not running something intensive

    Hi, my pc specs are: CPU:AMD 6 core FX-6300 GFX:Sapphire Radeon R9 270 X PSU:500w EVGA 80+ MOBO:Gigabite GA-970A-UD3P Ram:Ballistix Sport 2x4GB HDD-1TB Seagate Barracuda OS-Win 10 I've been having crashes when my pc is not running anything intensive, all temps are good and all drivers...
  7. M

    Lost the outer ring of headphone slot of my pc.

    I broke the outer silver ring of my headphone slot of my pc and lost it i can still use headphones but that requires me to actually hold it in place. Is there a place where i can buy that ring and can i simply attach it back with glue??? plss halp meh
  8. Seabass101

    Buying, Time, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Components

    Hey I was wondering should I wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for PC Parts or components or should I look at deals nowish and get them? Thanks Comments Mish Appreciated
  9. G

    SSD kills power to anything it is plugged into

    I think my SSD may have been damaged in a power outage and it has a file on it that I really would like to get back. However, any time that the SSD is plugged in, it kills power to whatever I am plugging it into. Tried with 2 desktops, a laptop, USB powered external enclosure and an external...