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  1. shockmonky

    How To How to fix RX 590 Fatboy Overheating

    First off this video is crucial to understanding why I did what I did. If you've been troubleshooting a RX 590 Fatboy odds are you've already seen this video:RX 590 Teardow Credit where credit is due, this guy has an amazing channel for real computer nerds. So I got an RX 590 Fatboy thinking it...
  2. playboi.real

    [SOLVED] PC Build CPU and GPU Temp problems?

    I used Joey Delgado's video for reference for this build and well here's my results! HELP ME! Reference Video Link- View: I have sorta of the similar build but, my cpu temp runs hot like 77c to 86c under load in COD:MW. System Build-...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrade my RX 570 to 1650Super/1660/RX 590?

    Hey guys I’m looking to do something nice for myself for the upcoming holidays. I’m relatively new to PC building and ever since I got my first build in April of this year, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I’m havin trouble deciding on a good upgrade for Christmas. right now my build looks like...