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  1. dnm_13

    [SOLVED] 5950X non PBO / OC vs 5800X PBO / OC

    I'm thinking of taking an upgrade, which is upgrading to Ryzen 9 5950X from Ryzen 7 5800X. Due to certain temporary circumstance, if I take the upgrade, I can't use PBO / OC on 5950X. So the question is, which is better? 5950X without PBO / OC, or 5800X with PBO / OC ?
  2. WTS - Custom Liquid Cooled Dual NVIDIA RTX 3090s/Ryzen 9 5950 16 Core/64GB - $10,500

    I hate to let this awesome machine go, but I'm moving abroad, so my loss is your gain. Machine was delivered to me in November 2021 after getting the custom cooling loop installed for both GPUs and the CPU. Free delivery within 10 miles of zip code 20832 (Olney, MD) or local pick-up preferred...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Can I run a R9 5950X in my A320M-k/br?

    I have bought a budget motherboard from my favorite brand, Asus; it's model is A320M-k/br Prime for AMD CPUs. The next part I am looking for is the CPU, and currently I have my attention drawn to the new R9 5950X. How does the motherboard affect on the CPU compatibility and speed? Furthermore...