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    Question Cooler recomandations for AMD Ryzen 5 2600x or solutions for better temps

    Hello guys, I am having problems with my CPU temps. The idle temp is 44 celcius and the highest i got was 74 when playing Shadow of The Tomb Raider (after 20 minutes...). I have a very big case(SilentumPC Regnum RG4T) so good airflow, i connected all 3 fans that come with the case, i have good...
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    Question 3700x or 9600k for gaming?

    What do you think? 9600k (oc) or 3700x for new gaming system?
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    Question Which ram block should i choose for a Ryzen 2700X

    So i'm about to buy a new pc next month since my current one is dying at the speed of light and been looking to build a Ryzen one since it's alot cheaper then normal. Having read about ram speed and CL i'm more confused than ever because everytime i try and search for an answer i'm just running...
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    I Want to upgrade my CPU, SO guys help me choose what cpu to buy to fit my current pc My current PC SPECS : Athlon 200 GE overclocked to 3.8 Ghz dual core four thread MSI B450M PRO-VDH SAPPHIRE RADEON RX 570 8GB Klevv 2X4GB DDR4 3000 MHz (clocked at 2667mhz by default) EVGA 450 BV SEAGATE...
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    case mesh tear

    So i just got my coolermaster mB511 in the mail an hour ago, and while setting the standoff screws in, i barely put some pressure on the bottom mesh filter and that little inch wide portion gave way, i little disappointing but looks fixable. I have no idea what the material is, nylone or PVC or...
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    [SOLVED] PC build red cpu light red no boot

    Just finished my pc build No Boot, No screen connection fans turn on everything seems to work don’t know what’s wrong please help Ryzen 2600 B450 Adrus Pro Wifi
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    My Samsung Galaxy S7 kills the internet (35 ping to 4000+)

    Whenever my phone connects the wifi it completely kills it a renders any other device with internet unusable. It's been happening for a few days. I've tried doing a restart, completely turning it on and off, doing the Dropbox and google+ things most threads talk about and updated the android...
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    Chargeable PSU/Battery for Low Power Build

    I will be building a mini-ITX PC that will likely require between 20 and 40 watts of power. It needs to be mobile. Thus, it will need a portable power supply. Are there any appropriate “chargeable PSUs”/batteries on the market?