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  1. itzzachh

    Question Stuck on American megatrends screen and keyboard is lighting up but won’t work

    Just finished my first pc build and upon starting up I get a sequence of lights on motherboard then the green (boot) light stays on. It’s stuck on American megatrends screen and keyboard is lit up but does not do anything when clicking F2 or Del. I’ve checked every wire, taken out nvme, taken...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Computer always shows this screen on boot

    I don't know if this is the right section but I didn't know where else to put it as I don't know what the problem is. A couple of days ago my computer started showing this screen at boot: View: It happened suddenly and I have no idea what caused it. This light...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 black screen with blinking cursor after booting, HELP!!!

    I booted up my computer this morning and it crashed everytime. Last night it was working fine. I attached my ssd to my cousin's to reinstall the Windows. I did a complete reinstalltion of windows and also formatted the disk. It worked fine but when I attached it to my computer it gave me a...
  4. M

    Question [Help] GPU is not being detected on the Device Manager anymore.

    It worked very well since I bought it. The drivers are installed, but I changed the mobo, now since I changed the mobo, I can't find the GPU in the device manager. GPU fans' runs in the slot GPU works on other systems GPU works on other systems with the same PSU from my PC If I deleted the...
  5. RFlaxxy

    Question Stuck in the BIOS menu

    i have a LEADER Computers Laptop, and i am stuck in the American Megatrends Aptio Setup Utility BIOS. Intel(R) Core i7-4500U CPU 8GB Memory I try to exit bios but it brings me straight back to it. i cant find a CSM boot option and i felt like ive tried everything any ideas???
  6. H

    CPU Upgrade Advice

    Hey, So I've been wanting to upgrade my processor to an i7 for a while now. Right now I have an i5-6400, which I have felt has not given me as much processing power as I wanted. I use my PC primarily for gaming. I'm wondering if I should upgrade my RAM first to 16gb before upgrading my...