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  1. velocci

    [SOLVED] Corsair RM650x

    Hi all, I have a PC with a Corsair RM650x power supply plugged into a power bar. this power bar has a yellow light to indicate that there are 12 amps being sent to it. When my PC is plugged in, this light is on, even if there are no other things plugged into it. Even if I have the power...
  2. juampidieguez123

    Question Lost my psu power cord. Will this one do?

    I was building a pc with an old psu. I noticed that I didn't have the power cord. I looked around and couldn't find it. BUT, I found a power cord form some other old electronic. My question is: will this power cord be enough to power the psu. Images attached. I live in Argentina so the voltage...
  3. Chris_6

    Question Fan Splitters on Motherboard, too much amps?

    I purchased 2 x Case Fan splitter, splits 1 to 5 Way. I wanna hook 1 into my CPU port and one to the CHASIS fan port on my motherboard. But I noticed someone in the reviews saying something about amps can fry my motherboard... like for example if the port on the motherboard only supports 100 amp...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Psu Molex Ampere?

    Hi everyone, This is not specifically PC -related, except that it involves a PC PSU. I am planning to do a LED project and I need a power supply for the LED strip. I need only 5v but with at least 5 Amps (0,06 Amps per LED x 85 LEDs.. I could go down to 80 Led if necessary). The strongest...
  5. K

    Question How to connect 9 phantek halo's digital RGB

    Hey, Planning to buy 9 phantek halo digital rgb frames 120mm and was wondering how im supose to connect them all up? I also read that they're able to be daisy chained, but they have 30 leds each and draw about 1amp ive read (not 100% sure), so thats 9 amp in total. Isnt that a bit...
  6. R

    Question UPS for voltage regulation

    Hello, I am wanting to get a UPS for my home theater system. I know any UPS wouldn't be able to power a home theater for very long, what I am interested in is the power regulation, power info as well as the surge protection. Power fluctuations are not good for electronics and a UPS with AVR...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] B450 Aorus Elite Fan Header Voltage Limits

    I didn’t realize how little fans I could attach to my motherboard. So, I just bought a fan splitter from rosewill but I need to know how many fans I could attach to one header. On the front of the fans it says DC12V 0.16A. Can I attach two fans to one fan header on this motherboard without any...
  8. BioPyroTech

    Question Power cord to TV

    So my roommate received a Vizio Smart TV as a late birthday present. And of course, what was the catch? There was no AC adaptor power cord included with the TV. So I went thru my cable stash, and I found 2 cords that fit! However, cord #1 says 10A 125V. Cord #2 says 7A 125V. The TV says the...
  9. S

    Question Stronger adapter than needed for monitor?

    Not sure how to delete this or mark as solved but I figured it out with more research and it looks like I am fine to use the stronger adapter. So I have this HP pavilion 32q monitor from a room mate but after weeks of searching we cant find the power cord anywhere. It is 27 inch, 1440p and...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Attempting to recover files from a (failed) HDD

    Hi I've got an Acer Aspire E15 E5-523-979H After latest Win10 update, that did not go well (laptop froze sometimes during the update, would not boot properly after a restart, permanent win10 "loading circles" that turn into a blank screen). Decided to swap out my 1Tb HDD for a 256Gb SSD as my...
  11. T

    Best video card?

    Which is the best LP video cards under 100$? I have a hp compaq pro 6305 Pc. With amd A6-5400B 3.60 GHz procesor and 10gb ram. And will it run games like gta 5, fifa 18, far cry 4?
  12. B

    Need help with choosing right PSU

    Hello everyone, I am curently building a gaming PC and i need a little bit of help with choosing a psu. I am on budget 60-70 pounds for unit. Can you please give me any suggestions on good reliable psu within my budget? I will be running i5-6600k (OC'd to around 4,2) and GTX 1070. So far i found...
  13. X

    Is this a Good Build for a 1440p 144hz Monitor? I wanted to know if this build was able to handle games such as Final Fantasy, Overwatch, GTA, etc. At frame rates of 144+ at the resolution of 1440p. Thanks in advance!
  14. P

    how to install nvidia driver on windows xp?

    so i recently install drivers for my grapich card Nvidia geforce 610M . There is no problem when running the instalation.But after installtion done and i restart my pc , i cant find the nvidia Controll panel anywhere . i try right click on desktop , there is new option "nvidia nforce" or...
  15. S

    VGA to HDMI. Will it fix the horizontal lines?

    I have a Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC and I have an issue with horizontal lines appearing (not screen tearing) when gaming (cable is VGA converted to DVI). V-Sync and OpenGL Triple Buffering has already been turned on always but its not going away. I tried the GPU with another monitor with the same...
  16. T

    Best Build For £600-£700

    Hello guys, first time posting here so please take it easy on me. Anyway, i'm looking to build a new computer primarily for gaming, i want to be able to play games like Fallout 4 and BattleFront on max settings (wishful thinking i know but i can dream right?) and currently my computer is utter...
  17. T

    which graphic card n RAM would do?

    My pc have PCIe2.0 x16 slot for graphic card, I want to insall radeon r9 290x PCIe3.0 x16 graphic card. Will it work or fit on my pc. Also I want to upgrade my pc ram (1333mhz ddr3 n board support upto 32gb) with some corsair or fury hyperx 8gb ram. M using core i5 3.30 ghz 2nd generation...
  18. axemastersinc

    bottle necking yes or no

    will i bottle neck with a AMD FX 8350 ,a nvidia GeForce GTX 980 , 2x4 8GB DDR3 1600
  19. S

    530W PSU fpr GTX 970?

    Hi, I recently bought Thermatech 530W PSU for my PC and planning to buy a GTX 970 gpu soon. I am wondering is my PSU good enough for the Nvidia GTX 970. Pls give your feedback. :)
  20. Bubba2000

    MSI A78M fx 6300

    Will the MSI A78M work with the AMD FX 6300
  21. davidshammer

    HP LaserJet CM3530 mfp doesn't scan

    Hey Guys(and ladies), I have a CM3539 mfp and when I try to set up the scan to folder option, and I click the scan wizard, it asks for me to install the CD that came with this printer. I purchased it on ebay and they don't have a CD for it. I tried downloading that Park admin and it doesn't work...
  22. Q

    AMD fx 6300 & ATI R9 270x World of warcraft FPS issue

    i have installed all drivers and i have updated windows 7 so their are no more updates i can do. i have used open hardware monitor while running WoW and its using 4 cores out of 6 and only using them to about 50% on average i then checked the GPU which is running at only 40% load. what is the...
  23. J

    How long would 3 780 Tis be sufficient for gaming?

    I am curious to see how long these could support gaming on max settings.
  24. B

    cannot detect modem

    my modem smart bro plug it, model wm66e cannot be detected by my pc...please help!