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    Question Noticeably less bass than before ?

    EDIT: I want to clarify only the low bass changes volume, mid and high bass remain the same. I've noticed this issue after a month of low-volume music listening. For clarity, my default volume level is at -30dB (measures ~75dB room noise). Issue is something like this - song starts as usual...
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    [SOLVED] Analog speakers not working because of Interference, or the position of the moon ?

    After spending at least an hour or two trying to get logitech z-640 analog 5.1 speakers to work, I feel like I'm going a little crazy. I connected them to my sound card (as well as to onboard realtek) in my retro xp system... and certain speakers would not work at all (at first either rear...
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    [SOLVED] Should I buy an Analog-to-Digital Audio Converter?

    I have an audio system which has just 2 inputs, RCA and TOSlink. I want to pair it with my pc which has an aux port. Is it worth it to go buy a converter, from analog to digital? Or should I just go Analog to Analog? - I use HQ audio files (192kbps+)
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    [SOLVED] "Analog" connection for 5.1 surround sound on brand new high-end desktops

    Do brand new high-end desktops still allow the 3 jacks at the back, for speaker, mic and line-in, to be used as connectors to a 5.1 surround sound system which does not have HDMI or SPDIF ports, modulated by a surround sound driver such as Realtek HD Audio Manager?
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    [SOLVED] Does the new Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 support 8-Channel 7.1 Analog Surround Sound audio?

    I am considering the new Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 for several reasons, but what's pushing me toward it is its claim to support 7.1 Surround Sound. Granted the advertised Nahimic Audio codec makes this a virtual experience when using headphones, but I'm wanting to use four 3.5mm audio ports...