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    Question Best S3 Kernel?

    Hi, I have a i9305 S3 with 2GB of ram and Android 4.4.4 installed, with TGPKernel. Does anyone know something better? With overclocking? Boeffla Kernel gives me a soft brick so that's out of the picture. Any help would be appreciated. -TweakTech06
  2. B

    Question Bluetooth connects on PC but not my phone

    I'll do my best to explain this... I turn on Bluetooth from my PC which shows up as discoverable(Desktop-blah-blah-blah). I turn on Bluetooth from my phone and search for Desktop-blah-blah-blah. Once I try and connect, I get a notification on my PC saying "Tap to set up your V40 ThinQ"( I...
  3. Jason_Free

    Question My Samsung A50 won't charge, tried with different cables, power outlets, and even tried cleaning the port itself.

    Hi! I've been trying for a couple of days now, but my samsung just won't charge at all. There were times that I could turn it on, and when I had it plugged in, it would be on indefinitely but I wouldn't be able to unplug it. The battery (at that state) remained at a constant 0, and using Ampere...
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    [SOLVED] Is VR in android worth it as PC?

    I've seen some VR dock with remote for android phones like VR box but it's hard to find review about this kind of product. I am interested to buy it but i am afraid the quality isn't good as pc vr (implying about controller precision). If someone had tried this just let me know 😊
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    Question How would i root and flash the Evolution X ROM onto my Samsung Galaxy A6 2018?

    I have a Samsung galaxy A600FN 2018 running Android 10 with Samsung's One UI 2.0. I want to flash the Evolution X ROM onto it as I'm constantly low on storage and would like to free up some space with a lighter OS and use my SD card as native storage. How would I do this? What is unlocking the...
  6. kubilay.buday


    HELLO GUYS; I bought Oppo Realme 5i for my brother yesterday. It's a nice phone with Android 9.0. I have Dualshock 4 for playing story games on my pc and sometimes i use it on my Redmi Note 8 Pro with Geforce NOW. The issue is Realme 5i connecting controller but it's like keys not responding...
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    Question Wifi network eventually stops working for every device connected except for one or two android phones.

    Hello! I have WIFI set up at my place. Normally during the day, there are between one and three laptops connected to it, and between one and three android phones. The thing is, as long as it's only the laptops that are connected to the WIFI, it works perfectly fine, for days. But once the...
  8. Discussion ODROID-C4: A New Competitor Emerges

    Just launched: Specs: Amlogic S905X3 SoC 4x A55 cores 512 KB L3 cache Mali-G32 MP2 GPU (x4 EE) @ 650 Mhz HDMI 2.0 (4K @ 60 Hz w/ HDR, CEC, and EDID) 4 GB DDR4 (32-bit @ 1320 MHz) eMMC UHS-1 SD card 4x USB 3.0; 1x USB 2.0 OTG Gigabit Ethernet Power...
  9. N

    Question files in sd card are damaging rapidly

    Today i noticed that some files in sd card are damaged . It happened two weeks ago too.some Images and videos were damaged and can only see their thumbnails. some Apk files were damaged too. What can i do for this issue ?
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    Question USB C - ETHERNET on Mi A1 - ISSUE

    Hey guys, i bought a usb c to ethernet adapter to try to connect my mi a1 using a cable since where i am at work, i dont have almost no cell signal or even wifi coverage... i found that this could be an option.. however from what i seen it would be almost plug and play but no... i plugged it to...
  11. Nova43

    Question Netgear router, better way to sync attached USB drive remotely to Android phone?

    I have a 14GB mp3 collection which I have on my micro SD card and which I use on my Android phone. I also have the entire collection backed up to my 1TB WD My Passport external drive which is attached to my computer. I find it unproductive to update the phone's mp3 collection every time I...
  12. M

    Question Honor 8x android update

    Hello everyone I hope u'd have a nice self quarantine until now lmao Just wanted to know that anyone here got Honor 8x and if he or she updated it's android, what would he suggest me? Updating my android or not? My android version is already 8 and i have no problem with the device literally no...
  13. S

    Question Android Studio Build: dlopen failed: library "" not found

    Hi there, I am trying to compile an android miner for a crypto-currency. So far I have had no errors, however when i try to run the app on my AVD, it will return this error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "" not found This is my CMakelists.txt: # For...
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    Question Broken phone data recovery?

    I have a huawei p20 pro that has a completely broken screen, I need to get the photos off of it or use huawei phone clone but that isn’t as important. I got an otg connector and plugged the phone into a monitor and used a mouse it worked but the display would cut out every few seconds, any idea...
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    Question C# mobile development. HELP!

    Hello dear kind people. so I have a lot of experience coding for games in C# but its the first time that I want to code an "app" for android and iOS there are 3 things that this app does. 1- it gets a couple of numbers from the server and calculates it based on user input 2-I want to be able...
  16. L

    Question Android Player and Virtualisation

    Hi there, What i'm essentially trying to do is run a android emulator to play games (Bluestacks, Nox etc) however when attempting to play games like Grand Cross - it runs really slows, lags and crashes and this is due to lack of performance despite having a powerful pc. In...
  17. yosafa1990

    Question Best Android Supporting Home Door Bell for (Motion Alert Notification)?

    Hi all, just wondered if you could guide me please in the best Smart home doorbell which has a decent android supporting app that sends instant notifications to android phones? In your personal opinions, please. I am an owner of a oneplus 7 phone, I have purchased numerous doorbells from amazon...
  18. C


    Hello to every one, First of all, I'm sorry for my bad english. My Samsung S5 Dou Android device is rooted and I was trying to edit the "build.prop" file in root directory and inside it, i edit the SDK Version which is from 19 into 23, then after I rebooted it, all the apps even the file...
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    Question Touchscreen works, bottom home, back, apps buttons don't

    Looking to solve issue with three buttons on sony android xa1 Sony Xperia XA1, the rest of the screen works, i have tried resetting, repairing, upgrading android os to 8.0 still nothing. Sony is no help at all, such a cheap plastic phones there are made, i think the screen buttons is faulty. If...
  20. [SOLVED] Windows doesn't recognize hard drive; but android does

    I'm fairly proficient in managing hard drive volumes and such, so I've tried all I can think. The (portable USB) hard drive does not show up in disk management, file manager, or device manager. Just confirmed. It shows up as "...SCSI Disk Device", but updating drivers does nothing. It has been...