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  1. volstead

    Car stereo w/display recommendation

    Hi all, I'm looking for a good car stereo display system (~7", like an iPad display). I've checked Amazon but it seems the selections come with things I don't want (ex. external cams). I just want a responsive, sharp display, no payment plan, something I could connect to my android. Looking to...
  2. P

    Question Windows 10 Hotspot - No internet access ?

    Hi, I have a problem with fairly new laptop and a hotspot function. I have a situation where I have my laptop plugged by Ethernet cable, and to have wifi access on my Android phone, I have to turn on Windows 10 Hotspot, as there is no router option available for me. It's working for a few...
  3. C

    Question Recover deleted clipboard note on Samsung tablet ?

    I had a note pinned in my clipboard, I deleted an unpinned note and for some reason both vanished. Is it possible to recover the deleted note?
  4. D

    Question SD card either won't write or breaks apps

    I have an android tablet that has limited space, so I bought an SD card for it. The problem is, when it asked if I wanted to transfer data over to the SD card and I allowed it, it transferred over what I assume to be some important files that keep the device functional, because afterwards I...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] How to check the code for errors so the app will work properly ?

    I wrote the program code, but when the application starts, this part is not displayed (code below). Finding and correcting errors takes a lot of time, which can be applied more efficiently. How do you fix bugs in your code? Are there special tools? package com.TSP; import
  6. THRobinson

    Question Nexus 10 - Running Off USB Only

    Oh, that's right... Nexus 10! Loved this tablet, and still think the best tablet ever made. :D That said it's been dead for years, battery is pretty much toast, though after 2yrs of gathering dust it did turn on for a minute. I plugged into a cell/tablet charger and had it running a bit but...
  7. Baraa_Al Turk

    WhatsApp access without SMS code?

    Hello everyone, I currently have 2 WhatsApps, and my main WhatsApp is linked with my old number which is no longer working. and today I've reached a point where i need to reinstall WhatsApp for some reason (long story). Now I'm still not locked out from my main WhatsApp, i still have access to...
  8. Digital Dictator

    Question My phone used to connect to my drone remote via USB, but now it doesn't ?

    So I have a DJI mini SE drone and my phone is a Moto G Stylus. Used to have no issues with this and out of nowhere I just can' t seem to get my phone to even proc the USB in the system notifications where it will ask how you want whats plugged in to be associated with what and such. When I plug...
  9. Mr.Stork

    Question How to send a custom notification from PC to other devices?

    I forget to turn off my pc and it runs all night. And I don't turn my pc on every day, so I can't just set a daily alarm on my phone, or else it'd be annoying. So, if my PC is on and its 10pm, I want it to send me a notification to my Android Phone and/or Windows Laptop. Is that possible? I...
  10. N

    Question Android (type) tv boxes/streaming devices—how to choose?

    I've had some experience in the past with Asian tv boxes running Android OS. Often, despite the packaging , specifications, and existing user hardware (tv, HDMI cable) listed, they don't deliver as promised. In particular, many claim they play 4K (2160p or higher) but in fact, despite the...
  11. Trytomiss2

    Question Corrupted SD card

    Hi!, Long story short, i backed up a corrupted SD Card using "Disk Drill" and some files are encrypted and/or spread anywhere and some pictures are ruined while the rest is missing. My real question is: if i were to format the card after backing up the inside and then put the files inside the...
  12. Cosmin415215

    Question Make a C++ program for an Android device that manipulates the touch input ?

    Is there any way to make a C++ program for an Android device that manipulates the touch input? On windows it is very easy to do in any C++ compiler using SendInput(), and even easier using AutoHotKey. But I can't find the libraries I need or any information about anything tied to android.
  13. JeanFromGrenoble

    Question Should I buy a Google Pixel 6 Pro because of its strong security rating? How much more security would I get?

    I am trying to decide between the Google Pixel 6 Pro vs the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Device security is very important to me, so much so that it could be the deciding factor for me with this choice. I'm very paranoid about malware and hacks that could steal passwords, implant keyloggers, hack...
  14. Harsh.Entrepreneur

    [SOLVED] Softwares to increase privacy, security & 2 OS

    Softwares to increase privacy, security & 2 OS Windows, Android I have installed some softwares from a website (website name & software name,if i am allowed to share here then please ask), i would like to get some help in understanding which are some of the settings i could tweak which would...
  15. JoeStarz

    Question Need help with missing WiFi on tablet after performing a hard reset ?

    Good day, I bought this Coolpad tablet for my nephew, this past Christmas. Just a few months later now and it was moving sluggish so I had the bright idea to do a hard reset (hold down the power / volume up to gain access to the boot menu), but now when its booting up after the factory reset, I...
  16. Sam198

    [SOLVED] Wireless Access Point - Android Ping Response Time Issues

    Hi all, So I have an issue that I hope you can help me with. I have a smartphone that is connected to an wireless access point. When I ping from the Access Point(AP) > smartphone, I experience high and inconsistent ping times compared to when I ping from the Access Point > a non-smartphone...
  17. N

    Question Using a VPN on PC, while on a mobile hotspot

    So I am having an issue using a VPN on a PC (Windows 10) on a mobile network (Android). I can connect to the hotspot fine if the VPN is turned off on both devices, however if the VPN is enabled on my phone, my PC is not connected to the VPN. Inversely, if I turn the VPN on my PC, there is no...
  18. Slycooper91

    Question What os variation of android do android radios use?

    Does anyone know what variation of android os that these android radios use? I want to install a very similar os to what they use on a rasberrypi but also retain the use of the gpio pins . Alot i see say they run android 9 or other versions but i cant seem to find a definitive answer on what...
  19. M

    Question Phone error message on Windows 10 laptop when my phone isn't connected to laptop ?

    Galaxy S9+ "The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected" This error message pops up on my PC screen just out of nowhere. And they pop up more than 10 error message boxes. I first saw this error message a week ago when I connected my Galaxy phone and then disconnected it...
  20. technologicalpixel

    [SOLVED] why i can't transfer file from android to windows 10?

    Hello, I wanted to transfer files from android to pc, but when I connect the cable the phone only recharges but I can't transfer files, I tried to connect it to another pc and everything works normally, instead on my "main" computer when I connect it it recharges only Since everything works...
  21. V

    [SOLVED] Help android restart issue

    Hello, since yesterday im in some nightmare with our company's android devices. They all just started doing regular crashes and restarts the OS every 20-30 seconds. Theres no error message displayed, no known updates were installed and no changes were made on the settings. The devices we use are...
  22. V

    Laptop recommendations for SIM card usage and WhatsApp

    Greetings, My company needs a laptop which you can insert a SIM card for using non-business WhatsApp like it was a mobile phone. The point of getting SIM card capeable laptop is that, it would act as a mobile device with big screen and mouse/keyboard support so that you can log in to WhatsApp...
  23. P

    [SOLVED] WhatsApp call/message harassment by same person using different international numbers on Android

    I am being harassed by an ex every night on whatsapp, they are sending obscene messages and calling me at 3-4AM (via whatsapp) using different international numbers from Poland/Iran and what not. Is there any way i can stop this? Its just getting out of hand, i have been ignoring them for a...
  24. Ashwin Tyagi

    Question While 32 bit android emulator is working 64 Bit android emulator not working and my windows and cpu both are 64 bit

    Although my pc is 64 bit yet i am unable to run your 64 bit emulator here are my pc specs core 2 quad q9400 ddr3 ram 4x2=8gb boot ssd 120 gb game hdd 300 gb gpu gt710 2gb windows 10 64 bit and virtualization is enabled in bios. i have tried to open emulator while virtual machine platform and...
  25. tek3195

    Question Where to get android fastboot drivers for Samsung device ?

    I am trying to connect Galaxy Tab S5e in fastboot mode but can't find driver. Windows sees it as Samsung android but can't find a driver for it. Device manager says there is no compatible driver. It worked great in Linux but I'm temporarily on a Windows PC and not having any luck with fastboot...
  26. K

    [SOLVED] which android box to buy

    Which android box to buy that has 3.5mm audio jack, please suggest me
  27. mangaman

    [SOLVED] Logitech F310 not working on my Android tablet ?

    Bought a USB OTG off of Amazon to use my F310 controller for my Lenovo Tab 2 a10-70, since that device supports OTG. Only problem is that the device is not recognizing the device at all, in fact the only thing that does work is the small green LED next to the mode button when pressed. So power...
  28. Y

    Question wireless mouse for android tv box

    Hello, will a normal wireless mouse work with an android tv box or it needs a mouse with special requirements? Thanks.
  29. Boris_yo

    [SOLVED] How to Reduce False Positives on Xiaovv Mini-Cam?

    Hello, Does anyone know how to reduce motion detection false positives on Xiaovv 1080P WiFi USB Mini-Cam? I use V380 Pro Android application and can't find option that let's me adjust sensitivity. Thanks.
  30. K

    [SOLVED] Can I use an Android smartphone as my primary display over HDMI?

    I currently don't have access to my monitor or TV. I would like to know if I can run a HDMI signal into my phone. Can I connect a HDMI cable to my GPU, then connect the other end to a usb capture card, then a micro-usb adapter which connects to my smartphone, then using an app like usb camera...
  31. Nevis

    Question Android phone wont connect to my PC but will connect on other PC

    I was going to transfer files from my phone to my PC but my Phone wouldn't show up on my file explorer, I tried another phone and my PC would recognize it, I also tried plugging my phone to another PC and the PC would recognize it only on mine it wouldn't but my PC would recognize other phones
  32. A

    Question Android Unix query

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some Unix experts to sort this cafuffle. Recently, I was looking through documents on my phone and discovered a txt file named project.txt in the folder. Unfamiliar, I opened it in Docs and all it showed was: Unix Can someone tell me exactly: why...
  33. I

    Question Single MP3 via Bluetooth Causing Car Stereo to Reboot

    I ran into such an unusual issue yesterday that I don't even know how to google it. My phone (samsung/android) was connected to my car's stereo (Nissan) via bluetooth. I was playing music as usual (BlackPlayer app/mp3s), and then one song ended, the next song started and within seconds my stereo...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] Saying 256GB SD Card is full only showing 68 GB worth of data

    Hi all, Am on android, but also analysing it in Win 10. Have an SD card that is 256GB in my Note 10. It's saying it's full, but I'm only showing 68GB worth of space used. Unhid files, used a storage analyser. Can't find the reason. Any ideas what to do? Thanks in advance.
  35. C

    Question Need Substitute for Terminal IDE on Android (or iPad)

    Dear Tom's Hardware, Please, is there something for programming C on Android with the same functionality as the old Terminal IDE, which is free/open-source/no ads, but Google removed it because it hasn't been maintained since 2013. The most important features: Comes with a C compiler Easy...
  36. sponge_b0b

    [SOLVED] Open ODF files (libreoffice)

    Hello everyone, Did you know any android apps how can open the ODF files (ODS, ODT etc...) on Android ? Thanks.
  37. H

    [SOLVED] Android laptop acting unstable

    Right then, I have an old laptop. An Acer One 722 to be exact. I never use the bloody thing. Sat in a box most of it's life. I decided to give it a new lease on life. Formatted the HDD and installed the newest (May 2020) version of Android. Although Windows 10 (64bit) was on before, the...
  38. editor1

    [SOLVED] I need a portable offline calendar for all platforms. Or let me know your opinion('s).

    Hi all I want a portable offline calendar. The main thing is I want it to be a off line without option to sink to anything. I use Windows, Linux, Android, Mac and IOS. Any thoughts ? As always.. TY for reading.
  39. nwgamelover

    [SOLVED] Need input on best tablet for light-weight air travel?

    Hello All, I need to fly and all my devices are too heavy, or bulky. I am most used to android, or Windows 10. I saw one tablet I kind of liked when I googled, but would love feedback. I don't want IOS because I would have to learn too much, too fast. Any help appreciated, and I will post...
  40. K

    Question phone recovery after liquid damage

    yesterday my phone got soaked in hand sanitiser(%70 ethyl alcohol %30 purified water). I immediately took it out but it wasnt damaged screen had a blue- purple vapory thing on it but phone seems fully working .So i got confused and closed the phone it never boot again.I searched online and in...