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    Question Struggling to find a new Smartphone

    Hi, I've been looking at new phones for years but I can never find one that really jumps out. So I was hoping people here might be able to point me in the right direction. I had a 4s for a LONG time and Personally I think it was the best phone ever. for ages I was just waiting for a really...
  2. T

    Question Google Pixel 3 XL battery issue

    Having what looks like a battery calibration problem with my Pixel 3 XL (in a potent illustration of why I hate phones that don't have removable batteries and hate more that any and all new phones of consequence are manufactured that way). After a period of heavy usage, the battery saver...
  3. 1

    Question Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Stuck in Recovery Mode

    Last night I switched off my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and left it on charge and a few hours later when I went to switch it back on, the phone went into a boot loop which did result in it sometimes displaying the Samsung animation screen and very rarely even going as far as booting up completely and...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Will this micro sd card work with my phone?

    Would this SanDisk 128gb micro sd card work with the Huawei P10 Lite? If I copy all my files off my Android phone onto my PC and then replace my current sd card with this one can I carry on as normal or would I have to reinstall my phone or anything? I know it's not like PC's but would it work...
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    Question My phone removes images by itself

    Hi. I am facing a strange problem. I am using LG V10 VS990 Verizon US. The last saved picture in my SD card is captured on 29 April, 2019. After that image, whenever i capture images, after some time, it removes the image thumbnail, but opens the image. But when i restart the phone all the...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Tablet Suggestion

    Hello Guys, I have an old Lenovo Tab3 8 right now, which becomes super slow on a day to day use. Now I planning to upgrade. Another reason for the upgrade is Lenovo's update service is worst, didn't get any android upgrade in 3 years, still using old android v6. My general use case Web...
  7. C

    Question no OEM unlock option android 6

    Hello, I have a vodafone smart ultra 7 that i bought about a year or 2 ago and i recently decided to download a custom rom and root my device. But i dont have the oem unlock option and i so i cant root my smartphone,i've been looking on the internet for about and hour and so but the only fix i...
  8. tegacius

    Question Android computer for car

    I am looking for android board for car. Something like odroid board. I need powerful enough to run some games, watch movies , google maps, spotify . I need that I can put all components behind panel .. and only display is on top. Any suggestions ? I am looking for budget one. Also it would be...
  9. T

    Question Is this normal battery usage on a Oneplus 6t?

    View: This is the battery usage I am getting on my phone is this normal?
  10. K

    Question Using an Android Tablet as a PC Display?

    I have an android tablet with a large 14-inch display (Virgin Media Telly Tablet) that I would like to re-purpose as a computer display. The thing is I need it to work as seamlessly as possible, ideally just like a TV, as I am intending to use it for a relative who has little computer knowledge...
  11. C

    Question all data lost

    i was copying my photos videos from my mobile to windows. incidentally i pressed Control+Z then all move data rollback it self but not in phone storage i don't know where that. please help me out how do i get my data back.
  12. D

    Question How to retrieve files from broken smartphone? -Android galaxy j3

    I have a Galaxy J3. My phone fell on the ground and got completely smashed. The screen is unusable. Just regular black, nothing lit at all. It does work though as pushing the home button does make the typical sound effects and it rings when retrieving calls. The phone is alright, bu the screen...
  13. R

    Question Note 9 charging issue?

    So I have recently noticed that charging my Note 9 has started to take longer and longer. When I first got the phone, if I let it sit for about an 1 hour and 30 minutes, i'd have a full charge from about 10 percent. But now charging my phone from say 25%, it estimates that it'll take 2 hours and...
  14. John Aeliya

    Question I know JavaScript and I want to make an Android app. What should I do?

    I know JavaScript and I want to make an Android app. What should I do?
  15. BatSloth

    Question LG V20 | No OS | No TWRP | Really Need Help

    So I was given the task of trying to put the OS back on this LG V20 ( VS995 ). When it was given to me it had TWRP, but since then I am unable to get to it. TWRP kept saying no OS. I can get it to boot to download mode but then the screen turns to static. I can get it to boot to fastboot mode...
  16. E

    Question Exchange Server 2019 active sync issues

    I have a new server setup and have gone over everything relentlessly. Here is the current state: OWA is perfect Outlook (desktop) perfect Any mail app on android receive but do not send (stuck in outbox). it worked for a week then just stopped. Iphones / ipads- connect but do not download inbox...
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    Question How to export all the photos tagged as favorite on android gallery? Samsung J7 prime

    I have a lot of photos tagged as favorite on my phone gallery and i want to export them all to my pc to save space on my phone, is there a way to do it?
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    Question Is 88% battery health good?

    I recently bought a Samsung phone from a reputable phone refurbishing company on eBay and the phone came with the battery health at 88%. They accept returns and I was wondering if the battery health is too low or not?
  19. T

    Question Which of the following courses will be helpful in Android Game Development?

    Hello! I am very passionate about Video Game Development but unfortunately there are no institutes teaching about Video Games in Pakistan. And I am also a poor lad. My mom earns a very little amount. She teaches in a school. I can't afford going USA for studies. Anyways I have found an institute...
  20. D

    Question External WD USB 3.0 4TB HDD formatted for Android use, shows now only 1,63TB.!

    I just bought an external 4 TB Western Digital Elements USB 3.0 Harddisk, with the purpose of using it for Back-up PC and Smartphone Data. So when i plugged it in with my Samsung Galaxy S7 a message popped up that I have to format it to use it with Android. I own a 2TB WD Elements HDD i...