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  1. T

    [SOLVED] HDMI cable from pc to TV not working

    Hi, I have weird situation. I have 10 meters(32 feet) hdmi cable connected from pc to tv that served for playing games on tv from time to time. Everything worked really good before I unplugged cable few days ago. When I plugged it in again it didn't work. My pc wont recognise it. I tried...
  2. amjadh678

    [SOLVED] Connect a DTS TV and Non DTS Soundbar

    Hi Mates, So I ran into a bit of a problem.. I bought an Mi 4x 50 inch TV which has support for Dolby and DTS audio formats.. I was watching some of my DTS movies from my external HDD but then I found out that the in-built speakers of TV isn't good enough.. So I decided to order a soundbar...