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  1. tegacius

    Question Android computer for car

    I am looking for android board for car. Something like odroid board. I need powerful enough to run some games, watch movies , google maps, spotify . I need that I can put all components behind panel .. and only display is on top. Any suggestions ? I am looking for budget one. Also it would be...
  2. P

    Air Cooling or Water Cooling

    I know this is kind of weird but suppose you have an option to create a custom water cooling for the exact same price as making an air cooled system which one would you choose? If possible please list any negatives of points I should be aware when planning on using a water loop system...
  3. H

    My mobo's light aren't working

    My mobo is : asus rog strix z370 e I downloaded the drivers required for it with the cd provided. I downloaded an app called aura. It works only on my rog strix 1050ti oc GPU. How do I make it work on the lights for my mobo? Do I need to download the drivers from the website? Is it hardware...
  4. S

    Application wont run when i restart pc after installing applications

    When I Install A New Game Or application It runs Once And Then When I Turn Off My Pc or Restart it . Application that works that this time not opens .
  5. C

    Lan Cable and Usb tethering

    Is it possible to use lan cable for browsing, downloading or other something that consumes high data and usb tethering (from phone) for gaming? I have seen an app from ROG laptops that they have this software (gamefirst or gamefast) to have separate connections for browsing and gaming. Is there...
  6. Q

    1050ti suitable cpu

    What kind of CPU will I need to pair with a 1050 ti that costs under £50? I’ve got an Intel dual core E4500 and I’m looking for one that had the same socket as the pentium cpu I already have but a better cpu. Think it’s a 775 socket
  7. A

    Lexmark X215 windows 10 drivers

    Need drivers Lexmark X215
  8. J

    Stock intel cooler loud and rpm speeds? (Cant Change)

    I am using the Asrock H110M-ITX/ac motherboard and a intel skylake core i3. The cpu fan seems to be loud (assuming its loud this is my first pc) and is constantly at 2600-2800 RPM no matter what i change using speedfan or bios. The CPu temps idle at 35 C Is this normal?
  9. N

    How to ?

    I want to delete all my files on PC without reinstalling windows again .