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  1. O

    Question BIOS And Smart Fan Five Not Recognizing All Of My Fans

    When I Try To Change the Fans Speed Only 2 Out of 4 Fans Actually Change Speed These Are What Fans They Are: Here Is A Picture...
  2. B

    Question Annoying beep noise when turning it on

    Hi, everyone. I have a Lenovo G470 with Windows 10. The notebook does this annoying beep noise when turning it on, not always though. However, wheter it does the beeps or doesn't, Windows starts anyway and I can use it normally. I'm aware of the diagnostics beep codes of every brand of notebook...
  3. AverageGamer24

    Question How to re-lubricate a GPU fan? and what Lubricant do you recommed?

    So I have an XFX RX 570 4 GB that I bought used (Probably was used for mining like pretty much all used GPUs on the market) a month ago, it's been working fine so far, I usually use it at 55% fan speed while gaming which is about 2200 RPM, but today I noticed that one of my fans (the front one...
  4. B

    Question when i play a game the audio is annoying !!!

    ok basically , i reinstall windows 3 days ago , before the sound was amazing , after reinstalling , i updated my drivers everything so i wanted to play a game like apex legends or pubg, the sound is not loud like before , and the annoying thing is , when there is enemie or some object is moving...
  5. Q

    Question 100% CPU usage on windows 10

    Since I've installed new windows on my computer the CPU usage has never gone down from 100 %, help me please. I'm very annoyed by this. Will reinstalling the Windows help?
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Monitor keeps disconnecting and reconnecting over and over again

    My TV Monitor (my 3rd monitor currently hooked up) just recently started to flicker, and then it disconnects and reconnects every two seconds, playing the usb disconnect and reconnect sound everytime. I didn't install any software, didn't touch my pc at all, I was actually on the other side of...
  7. W

    Question HELP! having blue screens when installing new working ram

    i have had loads of problems recently concerning ram. i had a ram stick where i would receive the POST led code 55. so i stopped using that 8gb ram stick i now only use 1x8gb stick and everything runs fine. recently i bought another stick of ram because i thought my old one failed and when i...
  8. Matt732

    [SOLVED] BSOD heap corruption randomly while running X-Plane 11 from day one

    Hi, I recently built a new system with these specs: intel for i7 6700non k Gigabyte GTX 2060 6gb (heavily overclocked but stable) Gigabyte B-250M mortar 16 gb Corsair 3000 (the motherboard only uses 2500) Kingston 250gb SSD (C:) So I built this as a flight simulation system to run x plane. I...
  9. moranlouie

    Question I changed my system board on my laptop, now start-up is not showing Dell logo, among other problems.

    Greetings! I changed the system board on a Dell Inspiron 13 model 5368 because the old board went bad. Everything was working more or less swell except for the fact that the board was sent to me with manufacturing mode activated. So I followed these instructions ---> Dell Thinga-ma-jig I did...
  10. S

    Question CPU cooler loud (900 rm idle)

    I got a new cpu, mainboard, ram and cooler for 1 week now. The fan of the cooler is annoyingly loud for me. I can hear it through my headset on idle. My cpu temp is mostly 35c on idle. It sometimes jumps up to 40-50 and then goes back to mid 30s. The cooler is: alpenföhn ben nevis. Is there not...
  11. S

    gpu cpu bottleneck

    Hello i have i simple question yet unable to answer myself. I currently have a 4930k intel processor and a corsair 2133Mhz DDR3 ram (16gb) . I am planning on buying a new GPU anytime soon. If I buy the new RTX family from nvidia, is there a possibility for bottleneck on my setup? And how can...
  12. M

    wont boot anymore but it did last night

    The night before my new pc build worked and now the gpu won't turn power on/spin but the case fans will and cpu fans. The l.e.d power indicator turns on but it flickers and it won't turn off once turned on... it won't boot at all or even show signal either anymore.. i made sure my gpu is plugged...
  13. codygriffy

    24/7 OC or not?

    I have a Ryzen 5 2600x. I've been keeping it at 4.1ghz @ 1.375V completely stable and 66C max when doing heavy benchmarks like Cinebench. I was wondering if it truly is ok for me to keep my current settings 24/7? Or should I turn on global c-state so that it downclocks itself? Should I just...
  14. B

    Print With Toshiba E-Studio 250 Printer

    I have a Toshiba e-Studio 250 Scanner/Fax/Copier (it is probably about 12 years old). I am trying to use it as a printer from Windows 10 (X64). I go to "Add A Printer", it doesn't detect the printer, but if I give it the network IP address, it finds a printer. It asks me what driver to install...
  15. M

    Need help with achi on BIOS to recognize SSD

    Hello I have an old laptop: Packard Bell Easynote BU45, which came with windows Vista to begin with. I upgraded to win 7 and have been using it since. I recently bought a SSD (Intenso SSD 2.5" High Performance 120gb), since I have heard and read that the laptob will basically boot up and work...
  16. R

    building a new computer, first build.

    Hello, my old computer has just about kicked the bucket and I'm looking to build a new one. I'm just looking for advice since this will be my first build and pretty excited. So let me start from the top, from research I'm looking at purchasing the following. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H...
  17. EquineHero

    Is "AMD Only" RAM actually a thing?

    I'm looking for some RAM for a cheap build. I want to get this but it's not a 4x2gb kit. However, there's an 8GB kit that's 2x4GB, which you can find here. I know my motherboard doesn't support high density and I want to avoid a return process if I can. Is the difference between AMD Only and...
  18. M

    Unable To Make A Connection to Internet

    Last evening after starting up my computer, I was unable to connect to the internet. After several reboots of the computer and modem, there was still no resolution. All the other network connected devices were able to maintain an internet connection through both wired and wireless connections...
  19. T

    Outlook Emails not received promptly

    Running MS Office Pro 2010 at home. Use outlook email client and configure as IMAP so I can synchronize email with a couple of android devices. It works, but my PC is always slow to receive the emails. The android devices will receive the email minutes, sometimes an hour earlier than the outlook...
  20. Jeamy7

    Low Budget Gaming Computer

    I'm looking to build a cheap gaming computer, that can run the latest games at a decent FPS and would prefer it to be under $500. I don't need an OS or any peripherals... Thank you!