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    Question Can my 520W PSU handle a Vega 56?

    I have an Antec HCG 520 PSU, which is 520W and about 2,5 years old. I'm not sure if it can handle a Vega 56 or not. What about undervolting it?
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    Hi All, I am a trying to build my first PC But Confused on Quality Budget PSU. Ryzen 3600 ( Stock cooler) MSI B450 Tomahawk gtx 1660Ti (Planning to buy later due to budget constraints, have gt 210 for now) 8 gb...
  3. Question Antec Case VSK4000E-U3 Issue

    I stared a new build yesterday and discovered an issue with my new Antec Case VSK4000E-U3. The rail that PCI/ISA/hangers attach is only drilled for two slots. The other 5 slots have no screw holes drilled. The two screws are mine and were not installed when I received the case. The case did...
  4. shane072

    Question Antec Mercury 240 AIO + Ryzen7, how does it perform?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a Ryzen7 2700 (not X), and I'm planning to get the mentioned maximum boost overclock which is like 4.1 GHz I suppose, will this Antec Mercury 240 AIO be sufficient for it? ( it's not the RGB version) (I'm on a very tight budget) (please make sure recommending...
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    Question What do these cables do?

    I have a couple of cables from a board on the back of my antec dp105 and I don't know what they do. One has vdg written on it and has 3 connectors. The other is unmarked and has 3 gold circular connectors. I think that the board is an rgb/fan controller but idk what these cables do.
  6. Info PSU Comparison Table (A Sortable Database of Desktop PSU/SMPS)

    A consolidated list of Desktop PSU/SMPS (Power Supply Units/Switch-Mode Power Supplies) for comparison of different brands and models (the link to the list below opens to a shared Google Spreadsheet, no sign-in is required): Link: POWER SUPPLY UNIT COMPARISON TABLE - A Sortable Database of...
  7. Question Is My Build Good?? Or Do I Need To Improve It? Help!!

    I just made a plan for my new gaming build and I could use some help and suggestions. My goal is to keep it under $580. Also this includes the $60 that I have to pay for shipping and stuff. I have attached a list of all the parts that I'm using. So please see into it and thanks for the help.
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    Question Antect vp700p only powers up with one pc. Wut?

    So, I have this antec vp700p which refuses to work with two of my machines, one with a z97-k mobo and one with a ga-ma67-ud2h mobo. Keep in mind that it worked with the z97-k mobo which had 16gb of ram on it aswell as an i5 4690k and a gtx980ti, and several high rpm case fans, and performed its...
  9. H

    Question Which psu to get

    Antec NE 550 M Corsair CX 550 My budget is around 5000 INR Specs AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Zotac gtx 750 ti 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengance lpx 3000mhz ram
  10. MarX101

    Question Will the Antec VP700P be enough for this setup?

    So, hi guys. Recently I've bought an RX 580 4GB Nitro+ version and it blew 2 of my PSU's under not so high load... The PSU's in questions were the Gigatech 630w that held for about 6 hours and one from MS that is rated for about 550w which died faster than the Gigatech one, 2 hours to be...
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    Question Antec C400 Aftermarket Cooler "hack"

    Hello everyone! I bought an Antec C400 cooler for my Ryzen 5 1500X. I don't like the stock Antec fan that's on it, so I was wondering, which fan should I buy and replace the stock one? I was thinking about the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 or maybe Arctic Bionix. The main focus here is on the silence...
  12. M

    Question PC doesn't power-up (weird behaviour)

    In 2016 I build myself a new PC and until this year no problems what so ever. But the last weeks it sometime just doesn't power-up and I have no idea why. So this is the reason I gone ask in the forum (I hope in the right topic as i'm a newby). I really cannot understand this weird behaviour...
  13. Review Antec Torque Case Review: Pretty Vacant

    The Antec Torque joins a new class of open-air chassis of similar appearance. Does it have the features or performance to to earn our recommendation? Read more here. STEVEN LYNCH @stevenlynch Steven Lynch is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers case news and reviews.
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    Question NAS Decision - Terramaster F4-220 vs Synology DS218+

    I have been using a WD myCloud device to stream my owned 4k movies to my LG OLED with no issues. However, I was concerned over the lack of redundancy as my library grows. I decided to make an investment in a NAS with RAID capability. I ordered from Newegg the TerraMaster F4-220 4 bay NAS...
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    Question Stuck at bios splash screen

    So there was a recent power outage and since then my pc would either be restarting before the bios, or get stuck on the splash screen and won't respond to any keyboard inputs except ctrl+alt+del, do you think my mobo is dead or smth else, also after waiting on the stuck splash screen a while...
  16. NumbrXerr0

    Build Advice Need a cheap office PC build.

    My grandfather works real estate and lately his work PC has been acting up. The thing is almost as old as him and they won't replace it for him. I did my best to reset and clean it out, but it's just too far gone. I build my own gaming PC and have no issues with current gen stuff, but I'm at a...
  17. L

    Question Where should i put my new fans for the best result?

    Hi So I have a Carbide Series™ SPEC-03 LED Mid-Tower Gaming Case with 2 included case fans. One in the front and one in the back. And now I have bought 2 more and wonder where I should mount them for the best result. I have the possibility to mount one more in the front, 2 in the top and one...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Rgb fans and strips complication

    Hello, I seem to be having a complication of being confused how my pc setup is going to go. But first the motherboard is an Msi x470 gaming plus, case Cooler master h500p. I plan to have a total of 8 Rgb fans: 2x200mm(front), 4x140mm(top and 1back) and 2x120mm(cpu cooler) and 3 led strips. May...
  19. Fezzon

    [SOLVED] SLI only using first card please help

    i recently bought a second gtx 980 to run in SLI, i hooked it up and tried to set it up. i enabled sli and started gaming. while gaming i looked at my second monitor to see how the 2 cards were holding up and noticed while the top one was at 100% load, the bottom one was ranging from 0-4% load...
  20. K

    Question Will my gpu and aio cooler fit into this case?

    So I was in the middle of building my first pc inside the fractal design meshify c and it turns out Because of the length of my gpu (evga gtx 1080ti ftw3) I cant fit both the gpu and my aio (nzxt kraken x62). so I was wondering if the nzxt h500 will be able to fit them both inside. I did the...