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  1. Question Help! Dead power supply!

    Antec VP500PC No UPS :( Was using the computer normally. Sudden blackout! Hadn't turn off the switches. The electricity comes back and I hear some sort of spark. The PC wouldn't boot up, not response at all! I narrowed it down to the PSU, I could see some burnt inductor from the PSU's meshed...
  2. S

    Question I5 8400 upgrade

    Hello guys.I want to upgrade my i5 8400 with and i7 8700k or i7 9700k.I have 550w psu antec vpf550 80+ bronze.My gpu is rtx 2060 super.Am i good with that psu.I dont want to overclok my gpu and cpu,just upgrade to more cores for futureproof.
  3. O

    Question Thoughts on Antec NE600G Zen?

    Looking for opinions on the quality of this PSU, or just general thoughts on the reliability of Antec's PSUs. Not worried about whether or not it'll be able to supply my system, as it definitely will, just not sure about how safe a bet it is because I haven't really heard much about Antec's...
  4. F

    Question Antec Neo H550 compatible modular cables? HELP.

    (I have posted this in another forum, but figured that I would have a better chance of an answer if I came here as well so bear with my repetition) I purchased a couple of Antec h550 PSU's for a couple builds I was throwing together for my friend and my dad(he got me into PC gaming in the mid...
  5. viper23

    Question Antec Dark Avengers vs Thermaltake H200

    Hello All, I want to know which isthe best cabinet between these two:- Antec DA601 Dark Avengers Thermaltak H200 My PC specs are:- CPU:- i5 4th Gen MB:- Gigabyte H61 GPU:- Aorus RX580 RAM:- 6GB (going to upgrade too) PSU:- Antec EAG Pro 750W Gold also better alternatives with same price...
  6. J

    Question Which of these two PSUs is better?

    Antec NE600G Zen 600W Power Supply AQ5 or Antec EA550G PRO 550W Power Supply AQ7 I know the one has 50W more ,but in terms of efficiency. I have an RX480 8gb graphics card and i7 3700k. Any help will be nice.
  7. S

    Question Two PSUs Failing Paperclip Test - How to diagnose?

    Hi guys, Friend of mine's PC died while they were using it the other day. I had a look at it and given that no fans spun up, no lights came on, etc. I thought the power supply would be my first thing to check. Went for the classic paperclip test (though with some spare equipment wire so not...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Antec neo eco gold psu good??

    Is antec neo eco gold zen 700w good and enough for 2070 super and ryzen 7 3800x???
  9. F

    Question nice budget psu

    im planning to build this systen gigabyte h81m-ds2 intel core i5 4690 kingston 4gb×2 two hdd's 500gb and 1tb gtx 960/rx 570 should i choose antec vp500p v2, seasonic s12ii 520w, be quiet u9 500w, or cooler master masterwatt lite 500w?

    [SOLVED] A Modest futureproof 1080p AMD rig

    So after a long debate and joint venture finally my brother has decided to assemble himself a pc. Most of the specs are recommended by me, so I guess I need to clear my conscience here, forgive me Tomshardware as I may have sinned, The specs are CPU- Ryzen 5 3500 GPU- Sapphire pulse RX 5600...
  11. tplay2003

    [SOLVED] Is this PSU okay with desired build?

    Hello guys im planning on, to build a system with this CPU, MOBO and the GPU - MOBO : Asus Prime B450 - PLUS CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x GPU: RX580 Nitro + (8GB) My question here is will this PSU i have from my old PC which is Antec High Current Gamer 620W be good with the Ryzen 5 and the RX580...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Antec Prizm with Cooler Master RGB Controller?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if this: RGB fan kit with 3 RGB fans and 2 LED strips would be compatible with Cooler Master's ARGB controller. My motherboard doesn't have a dedicated RGB header so if these work together it would be...
  13. Steve101_

    Question What is this noise my PSU is making?

    Only just noticed this recently, but i also overlocked my 4690k recently too, bumped the volatge to 1.25, but i am not sure if this is related. View: Is the PSU on the way out?
  14. G

    Question Which PSU should I buy?

    I have a choice between the Antec Earthwatt's Gold Pro 650 and the Corsair Cx650M. There's not much availablity where I live and these 2 are available at the same price. Also I saw some forums that say that a newer model of the Antec PSU says 12V@54A and the description does mention...
  15. JitD

    Build Advice Will this PSU work with my intended configuration? Help pls!

    So, long story short,wanted to upgrade to Ryzen from my basic Intel build. Got the PSU first as it was being given under some discount. My old one was 450W, and the new one is 650W. I'm posting the link of the PSU here, hope you guys can access it:- Antec VP650 P Plus 650 Watt 80 Plus Power...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] Should I reuse my old power supply?

    Hey guys, I'm broke and so is my computer. I need to build a new one and want to cut corners to get the best hardware I can on my limited budget. Should I reuse my 7-year-old Antec Gold 750W Power Supply? I am guessing my build would maximum be 500W. As far as I can tell, the power supply has...
  17. A

    Question Antec Earthwatts 430 PSU Keep Tripping Out

    System Specs: Core i5 3470, intel dz77sl-50k motherboard, corsair Vengeance 8gb ram. The power supply trips after powering on for just a few seconds when connected to the motherboard. It runs fine on the paper clip test though. The motherboard does not seem to have any problem as it runs fine on...
  18. theoneandonlyfoohyking

    Question Liquid CPU coolers that go well with Antec Prizm fans?

    Hi all, I love the look of the Antec Prizm fans. But it means that i'll probably need a liquid cpu cooler that goes well with it. Is there a good cooler that goes well with the Prizms for an I9-9900k? Antec Prizm: If not, will changing the...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Antec VP500PC, NE550M, or Corsair CX550?

    My build is Ryzen 5 3600 AsRock A320M-HDV 16GB RAM 1 HDD, 1 SSD Zotac GTX1060 3GB Budget is around $666 (bad omen?) Given current availability here (India), I can shortlist only 3 PSUs: Antec VP500PC, Antec NE 550M, and Corsair CX550 . I also have CX450 but I have my doubt there'll be very less...
  20. Lulon45

    Question What psu should i buy?

    I have A really tight budget of around 50$ i live in Poland so its 200 złoty for me. My setup currently is gtx 970, ryzen 5 2600 gigabyte aorus Elite am4 and 2x8 gb of ballistix sport at 3000mhz. Can someone please help?