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  1. nxnje

    Question 144 Hz 1080p Monitor for competitive gaming

    Hello everyone. After building my new pc (I still didn't buy a GPU but I'm gonna do very soon) I wanted to buy a new 144hz screen. As I do not know if I'm gonna buy a rx5700xt or a 2060s/2070, I would like to buy a freesync monitor which is G-sync compatible as well, even looking for the future...
  2. G

    Question Help me choose the right monitor AOC vs ACER

    Hey All, I'd like to buy a new monitor. I am using now an old random samsung 27' 1080p 60hz and i'd like to change it. It would be for mostly gaming, blizzard games, fortnite, lol, wow and for the upcoming CoD in october. 1080p 24'-24,5' 144hz AOC G2590FX Acer XF240Hbmjdpr (UM. FX0EE. 001)...