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  1. miguelteixeira.11

    Question AOC 27G2U - Any way to set up Screen button to change volume?

    I own an AOC 27G2U and a AOC 2260VWQ6. My 22" screen will pop up the volume with the ">" button. But my 27" one will pop up a reticle in the middle of the screen instead, if I want to change the volume, I have to go into the OSD Setup. Is there any way to change the ">" button to change volume...
  2. C

    Question Headphone Jack on AOC monitor not working anymore ?

    I recently brought the AOC CQ32G2E. For the first couple of weeks sound was fine, until one day I turned on my PC and there was no sound coming out of the speakers (connected to headphone jack on monitor). I have reinstalled drivers, made sure it all was fine, but I can only get sound through...
  3. C

    Question Need advice to decide between these monitors only

    hello there guys, im gonna buy a new monitor for me since i gave my old one to my brother, and i would like some input on these choices: ASUS VP249QGR ips MSI OPTIX 24inch G241 FULLHD 144HZ 1MS ips AOC 24g2 144hz 24inch ips LG Ultragear 24 inch 144hz TN 24GL6000F pros an cons, etc. thanks...
  4. Question AOC Gaming C24G1 24" Mark on right side of screen

    Hey guys, so i'm just wondering if anyone else could tell me what this mark is that is on the right side of this brand new monitor. I got a replacement monitor for it today with the exact same mark pretty much in the same place, does anyone have any idea on what it could be / how to fix it, or...
  5. R

    Question Pc won´t post with ERP enabled

    Hi , Today I have enabled ERP in bios settings in the morning , and few hours ago I´ve turned on the computer and the monitor stayed black .... I did that a couple of times and only pressing the reset button would make the display show something . So I have disabled the ERP and for now seems...
  6. Olekkkkk

    Question AOC 24G2U has weird grey border around the edges ?

    hello, I noticed that my recently buyed used AOC24G2U has a weird grey border around the edges. This border is visible mostly when screen is grey. After research it seems like it never happend to anybody else so i dont know what it is. It does look like burnout but its an IPS screen so i think...
  7. V

    Question No Signal when getting in to bios

    When booting up my pc, my monitor has no signal until i get in to windows, the same happens when i try to get in to bios from inside windows or from the boot up. This only happens with my main monitor :, which is connected through DP. My 2nd...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Dp cable

    I think my recently bought DP cable is causing screen to flicker or go black for a few seconds when I move the monitor slightly , and my GPU have a red light turned on when Pc is OFF , what is weird ... never happened before ,the cable seems to be much thinner than my old cable that I only...
  9. evert

    Question AOC U2868PQU

    Hi, I have 2 of these monitors. Both served me well for 6+ years. I recently moved to another location and transported both with care in my car. Upon arrival one of the displays only gives a single blue flash from the power LED, nothing else. The other one worked as normal that evening, but had...
  10. T

    Question Weird lines on bottom taskbar screen on fresh startup

    Hello guys, For like a month or so I have exactly the same issue when I startup my pc, i have this weird couple of lines on the bottom of the taskbar of my screen. This happens for a few minutes, than dissapear and dont appear, unless i entirely restart my pc, than those lines are back. OS is...
  11. morpheas768

    Question Bad viewing angles on a brand new IPS display?

    So I just bought an AOC 24G2U5 Gaming monitor, which features an IPS panel, and as we all know, IPS panels are supposed to provide better viewing angles, among other benefits, compared to TN panels. My old monitor is a TN panel, its a Samsung S24D330H. The problem I'm having is that the brand...
  12. V

    [SOLVED] best 144hz budget monitor for gaming

    Hi, I know that AOC 24g2 has a best review's but in my country is out of stock long time, I have two monitors on my mind one is MSI G241 and second one is AOC C24G2U... what is best monitor to go with or to recommend something else in this price range. thanks 😊
  13. F

    [SOLVED] AOC 24g2ae/bk and AOC 24g2u/bk -- whats the difference?

    I am at a loss aoc 24g2ae/bk costs 200 euros in lithuania and aoc 24g2u/bk costs 250euros. Whats the diffeence between them and is the 24g2u worth 50 euros more?
  14. D

    [SOLVED] AOC Q2577PWQ Won't Turn On after Power Cut ?

    Hi there, I have 2 x AOC Q2577PWQ 25" QHD monitors that were working fine until I had a power cut last Thursday. Since then they won't turn on, even though I have changed everything externally. This is not the first time this has happened, but this is the longest time it has refused to power...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Samsung S24R350 or AOC 24V2Q ?

    I really want to buy monitor but heres my 2 final choices. Tell me which one should i buy and why. HELP ME!!
  16. brov

    [SOLVED] how to stop audio coming through monitor and only headset (AOC 27g2u)

    So I recently brought I aoc monitor (27g2u) and wanted to plug in my headset to the back of the monitor, however when I plug the headset in audio continues to come through the monitors speakers and the headset. So I was wondering if I could make the audio only come through the headset and not...
  17. RobotLizard

    [SOLVED] No signal on monitor with HDMI from laptop

    I have a problem with my monitor, hoping someone can help. I always used to plug my laptop into it via HDMI to do work, but now it’s not working. The monitor recognises that it’s plugged in as it wakes up from standby, but it says no signal and goes back to sleep. pressing detect in my display...
  18. K

    Question PC randomly stutters during usage

    Recently built a new PC and have been having issues with random stutters occurring during daily usage. This problem seemed to have began when I installed an EVGA XC3 Ultra RTX 3080, but not sure whether that could be the culprit behind the random stuttering as it runs fine when gaming. The...
  19. inyumen

    Question Monitor Screen Goes Black After A Few Minutes

    Hi everyone! I have a AOC C27G1 that I bought last year. It never fell down or got a scratch even, so It's completely new. Last week I was playing Valorant and suddenly the screen goes black, with the power light still on. I turn it off and on again, and it shows the AOC brand on the screen for...
  20. V

    [SOLVED] What are these things on the side of these monitors?

    Hello, so I noticed these things on the side pf many AOC Monitors. I just wondered what they are called and what they are used for. I can't seem to find them on any feature or spec sheet. View:
  21. F

    [SOLVED] HELP! Curved 165Hz 27" gaming monitors

    Hello, I was hoping some of the smart people of Tom's Hardware could help me choose/find the differences between these 2 curved monitors. MSI Optix 27" FHD 165Hz 4ms GTG Curved VA LCD FreeSync Gaming Monitor (MAG270CR)...
  22. K

    [SOLVED] Undescan on AOC G2 24G2U with Rx 580 via DisplayPort

    I just bought this monitor and i can't seem to find the underscan/overscan option on the Radeon Software, it shows on my other monitor that is connected via HDMI(Samsung S22B350) but not on the new one connected via DP. theres about 1cm between the screen and the plastic bezel
  23. M

    [SOLVED] What 1440p display should I buy?

    Hello I am looking to purchase my 1st 1440p monitor. Here in South Africa our choices are limited and more expensive. I was looking to get the AOC CQ27G1 27". It is roughly $400 with conversion...
  24. nag shankar

    [SOLVED] Anybody owns AOC 24V2Q ? Need help

    Planning to buy AOC 24V2Q monitor for casual gaming and office work and watching movies. There are no much reviews i can find online on this monitor. Can anyone tell me if it's any good? I'm paring it with 1660 Super,. does Gsync work on this monitor?
  25. B

    [SOLVED] AOC CU34G2X vs Hisense 55u7a

    I have NEVER owned a gaming monitor. For the last decase I've just been gaming on 1080p televisions. A few years ago I got a Hisense 4k 60hz TV which once again doubles as my gaming monitor. I think it has like a 30ms response time. Now that I'm more into gaming and have a 3080 on the way, I'm...
  26. Mxrcxry

    Question No signal on my aoc monitor

    So I have 2 monitors. 1 monitor turns on perfectly fine, but the other has no signal. It was working fine earlier today so I don't know what's up The one that has no signal is the AOC G2460PF I have tried unplugging the display port and plugging back in but it didn't fix it. The only weird...
  27. Dylan Hii

    [SOLVED] I am interested in Samsung LC27JG54QQEXXM 27'' and AOC CQ27G2 27''. Which one i should choose?

    I am interested in Samsung LC27JG54QQEXXM 27'' and AOC CQ27G2 27''. Which one i should choose? From Youtube, many video said that AOC CQ27G2 27'' is worth at this price range. Samsung is well- know brand. Which monitor is more worth? Should i choose Samsung over AOC?
  28. H

    [SOLVED] Does it support freesync?

    Does this screen support freesync? AOC G2590PX
  29. A

    [SOLVED] 1440P / 1080P

    i have on order a AOC Q3279VWFD8 31.5" IPS LED QHD (2560x1440) Freesync 75Hz monitor, and i have a question , if i put my monitor in to 1080p am i going to see a difference in picture quality, and does upscaling have anything to do with gaming ? only reason i ask is not sure my graphics will...
  30. J

    [SOLVED] Higher Refresh Rate worth the premium on VA panels?

    Im looking to get my first curved ultrawide 1440p monitor but I don't want to spend a huge amount of money so was looking at AOC, spotted these two which are almost identical besides refresh rates...
  31. D

    [SOLVED] Is this a g-sync compatible display?

    So I got the G2770pf 144hz monitor by AOC and I am planning to by the Gigabyte RTX 2070 super gaming OC x3 8gb. I am wondering if this is a g-sync compatible display and or you guys have any experience with this particular display.
  32. tomaa13579

    Question Vertical Red Line on monitor

    Hello, I've recently purchase an AOC U2879VF monitor and after connecting it for the first time I've noticed a vertical red line running down from the top right corner of the screen. View: Would anyone have any solutions or insight to the issue? Thanks.
  33. Matheusgasparotto

    Question My Monitor Supports 144hz But I Can´t pass the 120hz

    Hello, i bought an AOC C27G1 144hz, but in the nvidia settings i can´t pass the 120hz can someone help me ? Have a good day.Image From Nvidia Control Panel Pc Specs Ryzen 7 2700 Gtx 1060 3gb 16gb ddr4 AsRock AB350M
  34. K

    Question AOC C24G1 vs Acer Nitro VG240Y (Pbiip)

    I don't know which one to buy, the price difference is 10 bucks the Nitro being the more expensive on. Both are 144hz 1ms response time Nitro is an IPS AOC is a VA I usually game, sometimes edit but mostly watch youtube videos now waiting for a new game to come out so I can record it and...
  35. Krissu3212

    [SOLVED] Big green "1" appears on the screen

    Hi, I have a problem here: when I try to drag an internet window on my desktop then it doesn't want to stay still when I release it with the cursor. It goes back to full screen instead. If I crash the window, a large green "1" also appears on the screen. I recently bought a new monitor and...
  36. Gothom

    [SOLVED] AOC C24G1 is this level of backlight bleeding normal?

    View: So I spent 150 bucks bought a VA 144hz display from AOC: . Apparently this monitor has some annoying backlight bleed on top and bottom 4 spots each. The second picture was taken from a...
  37. xboy1999

    [SOLVED] Looking for a Monitor

    Hello! I'm currently in the market for a monitor, but I'm not sure what to get. I currently have a > LG 24BK750Y-B > As my main monitor, but I would like to get another and make my current my secondary. (Was looking into this a bit, seemed pretty cool but just wanting some outside insight >...
  38. A


    I've recently bought a new monitor, i plan to have duel screens along side my HP Pavilion 24xw. The issue is that this new monitor needs a VGA connector and my GPU (GTX 1060 6GB) only supports Display Port, HDMI and DVI-D. Because my current monitor is connected to the HDMI port, i bought a...
  39. A

    Question Monitor shows artifacts for a couple minutes then works perfectly fine.

    I have an AOC AG272FG4 which has started to show artifacts like this and this, the image also becomes choppy and unresponsive but only what it's displayed not the pc itself. It started happening right after a power outage, wires leading up to my house burned, and happens somewhat consistently...
  40. N

    [SOLVED] What is this problem with my new monitor?

    Ordered a new AOC G2790PX, there is a small darkened area/spot in the right bottom of the screen, I am guessing that it's a backlight problem but not sure. What is this exactly and how to fix it? Pic: View: