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  1. Lilmonster189

    Question Relatively new PC not booting

    Hi Guys, wondering if someone here can help me or experienced a similar issue. Yesterday Morning i was gaming and the power trippedI tried booting the pc and got 1 long beep and 2 short ones. I spent the morning swopping parts that i had replacements for and couldnt get it to boot. I...
  2. D

    Question AORUS MASTER RTX 3070 Fan number 1 not spinning.

    Posted by u/FoiXed 13 minutes ago I've got a hold an Aorus Master 3070 and for the 2 weeks that I've been using it, I did not have a single issue. Today Fan number 1 decided that it will not spin. When I unplugged the PCI-E and plugged it back in, it has worked for a bit just to stop...
  3. Question Help needed adding Raidmax RGB fans to Gigabyte Aorus B450 motherboard

    Fan comes with 2 cables, one for power (molex/3pin support), another presumably the RGB whatsamathingy (male and female tips), that plugs either to a RGB remote or a whatsamdoogle header on the motherboard. The Aurus has a few presumably whatsamadoogle headers on the motherboard, but the mobo...
  4. U

    Question Aorus Gtx 1080Ti vs Asus Strix Gtx 1080Ti

    Hello! I wanted to ask you fellows whether or not the aorus version of the gtx 1080ti was better or just as good as the asus one when it came down to ventilation and performance. Thank you