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    Question Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 - BIOS update problem - F13 ->F14 - The computer keeps rebooting

    Hello. I wanted to update BIOS today and my computer has a problem. I used the method presented in the screenshot. Gigabyte APP Center -> @bios -> Update from Server -> US -> F14 (old BIOS F13). Everything was going well. The computer restarted but did not boot to the desktop anymore. The...
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    [SOLVED] Does Threadripper need both 4 and 8 pin power connectors on MoBo

    I have recently got a new Ryzen Threadripper 1920x and a x399 Aorus Gaming 7 TR4 in a bundle. My current PSU is just a year old EVGAGQ 1000w and is working fine but I lost some of the cables and now I'm left with one 4pin CPU power connector. The Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard has one 4pin and one...