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    Graphics card undetected by computer

    My PC specs: Pentium G4560 cpu Asrock H110M-HDS motherboard Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card EVGA 430W power supply Seagate 1TB BarraCuda hdd I've been having problems getting my PC to detect my GTX 1050. Nvidia won't let me install the drivers for it, my device manager doesn't show it and I...
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    Second case fan not working

    Hey guys, first I attached the power supply with both fans connected by one header, but when I turned on the system, the power button led was the only thing on and when I tried to touch the case it shocked me. So then I detached both fans from the header and allocated one 3 pin header to a 3 pin...
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    Will my power supply provide enough power for the gtx 770?

    I have the Corsair CX600 watt power supply. I was wondering if the Gainward geforce gtx 770 will have enough power from my power supply to run.
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    Is this a good upgrade?

    I've been wanting to upgrade for the longest time, and now that I've got the money I'm going to but I don't know if what I'm picking is the best for gaming. I record for youtube and I want to be able to play games at at least medium settings and get at least 60 fps. http:// I've been using PC...
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    I want to upgrade my pc (with a focus on gaming) and I'd appreciate some help! :)

    Hello, name's Pau! So, as said in the title, I want to upgrade my pc with a focus on gaming, hopefully being able to run next gen stuff nicely. Next up you have my actual specs, (or hardware, not sure how you guys call it heheh) Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz Video Card...
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    Why are my settings saved in computer not being saved?

    During the loading earlier a blue circle used to come at the cursor. I updated my system then a sand clock started coming. I changed it back to the circle through Control Panel. It changed for that time but when I On the PC next time it was automaticly changed back to sand clock. Why is it so?
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    Good motherboard and cpu

    I have a budget of about 180 dollars for both a motherboard and cpu I am wanting amd so if someone could put links to some I would be very grateful, I will be gaming.
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    hey guys im uprgraiding my pc!! first off is the Evga GTX 460 a good graphics card or not? also a 0-175 budget...

    Just need to know what kind of graphics card, i like the evga gtx 460 its only $75 on ebay i have a 0-175 budget