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  1. Deanyo2k7

    [SOLVED] 2x Xeon E550 in HP DL360

    Hi guys im looking at getting my first server to be able to host multiple wordpress sites on using ubuntu 18.04 on hyper-v and apache with mysql and php. I may also be hosting email servers on it too but im not sure yet I haven’t figured that out. I found this server on eBay...
  2. LA92

    Question Enabling nVidia Geforce + GSYNC + boosting HZ

    Hello! So i have an Gigabyte (Windforce) nVidia Geforce 1050 ti , paired with an ASUS ROG PG248Q (integrated Geforce-Sync-Chip). now i have two problems: 1: I cannot manage to get my Monitor above 60 hz (capable of 144hz or 180hzOC). I'd like to reach the 144hz if that is possible on my...
  3. Docoz

    [SOLVED] Continuous problems with boot ups.

    Here is what I have: Motherboard - MSI - 760GMA-P34(FX) CPU - AMD FX 6300 Six-Core 3.5 GHz RAM - 2x PNY 8GB 1.6 GHz DDR3 (16GB total) GPU - Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X 3GB GDDR5 HDD - WDC WC10EZEX-00BN5A0 1TB PSU - CORSAIR CX750M Issue: Semi-frequently after shutdowns (has not happened on...
  4. orewamadao

    [SOLVED] Properly ground PC

    Hello, everyone says that to properly ground cpu you must mount the power cords into the wall socket. But in my room the wall socket has only 2 holes and cant use it because the powercord needs 3 right? is it okay if i use extension cord?
  5. J

    Will the moniter run at 144hz

    I need a 144hz moniter with 1ms response and 27”, the one I am looking at has free sync and I’m confused, I have a nvidea gpu, will I be able to run the 144hz on a nvidea gpu, this is the moniter...
  6. W

    Gpu temperature issue

    i have msi gaming x rx 580 gpu when i play highest game so my gpu becoming 85 temperature when i do gpu scaling low then my gpu showing 45 to 50c so its bottleneck issu or its gpu is sick im using this gpu on core i3 6100
  7. R

    Small good Phone

    Looking for a really good and small phone, the height of the phone should be about 125mm and be pretty rigged and not break easily, ip68 and all other stuff. The price doesn't matter
  8. T

    [SOLVED] rx 580 8gb crossfire vs other cards

    I recently found a deal for 2 used rx 580 8gb (msi armor mk2) for 350$ (maybe used for mining) and for Australia thats a pretty good deal. I've always wanted to try crossfire/sli, so I thought this would be a great opportunity. But I started doing research and found that crossfire can actually...
  9. S

    How to tell which ssd are compatible with my mobo?

    Mobo is msi z270-a pro. The ssd in question is Samsung 860 evo. Ive googled these drives and the boards compatibility but can't find this drive listed anywhere. Ill settle for the wd blue 3d nand 1tb ssd but I cant find it listed as compatible either. Sorry I posted a similar topic about picking...
  10. H

    PC reboots when playing CS:GO. Not an overheating issue???

    My PC completly shuts off then switched on again when playing CS:GO. I have checked temps and am sure it is not an overheating issue. I welcome any suggestions as I have just resorted to a clean installation of windows 10 and complete reinstall and the problem persists. Specs: GTX Geforce...
  11. 9

    Recommend a monitor for my gtx1080 build

    Hi everyone, I just finished my build and now my monitor is out dated. Ryzen 5 2600x GTX 1080 G.Skill 16GB DDR4 3200MHz MSI x470 gaming pro motherboard I found a Acer Predator XB321HK 4k G Sync Monitor - $550 locally, but the reviews on amazon and newegg look bad. And I'm not sure if I this...
  12. B

    suggestion for work around b200 error pixma mx922

    did not work
  13. B

    Compound Audio Driver issue: No audio or jumping to 100

    I have an issue where if I unpause media content, the system volume jumps to 100 without it actually "being" 100. The solution to this problem is usually to uninstall the sound drivers and then restart to force them to reinstall. When I do this, it causes my headphone jack not to work at all...
  14. R

    Latch Broken on PCIE 16X Slot help

    I recently upgraded my asus rog desktop to a gtx 970, and after taking out my old graphics card i broke the latch on the pcie slot and now it wont go up its stuck down, I havent inserted the new graphics card yet but im worried itll break the graphics card some how?
  15. F

    Motherboard and CPU, RAM compatibility

    I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU (running at 4.1Ghz), and a SABERTOOTH 990FX r3.0 Motherboard. How much RAM can it take?
  16. V

    Laptop Charger Pin heating up

    But one thing i noticed is the charger heats up whether i have battery or not. And it only heats when my laptop is on. i.e. i am using HDD maybe. Like i can charge my battery while its off or my laptop is in sleep. So i removed the HDD and used a live USB of linux(deepin) to check if the problem...
  17. H

    Ryzen 5 2600X with gtx 960.

    Hey Guys. So i was planning to buy ryzen 5 2600X and i am worried by the thought that it might bottleneck my gtx 960 or my gtx 960 might bottleneck it. And if they do, what is the loss in perfomance in games as big as witcher 3? Thankyou!
  18. Lutfij

    How To Enable The Delete Confirmation Dialog Box In Windows 8 Laptop

    Contrary to previous versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS environment, when you delete a file from a folder or physical drive on Windows 8, that file is shot straight to your recycle bin without any warning notification. This can be a good thing where people don’t like to be pestered for an...
  19. V

    Net Framework 3.5 won't enable.

    I've recently upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 after installing a new motherboard with Ryzen CPU. Problem is I'd like to run some of my own favored applications but they need Net Fr 3.5,so they ask me to install and enable it,I do,then it asks for a restart,I restard,and then when I try to...
  20. S

    Help picking desktop speakers

    My budget is about $200. I have a small studio and switch from headset to speakers. Here are some options I've found but I'd love some more suggestions...some are from a subreddit called zeos i think. I'm going to put them on the side of the gaming IKEA desk probably if anyone knows it. Maybe...
  21. S

    coffee in laptop

    four days ago I spilled coffee in my desk top - keyboard. I took it apart it apart, washed it. air dried parts for approx. 72 hrs. Turns on , message says rtc battery is low. "On" light turns on , after several seconds batt. info goes dark and no sound, only faint light for juice remains on. Is...
  22. O

    New XLR Mic In sound card has bad quality output audio

    So I just bought a new Audio Technica AT2020 mic with XLR hook up (not usb) that is plugged into my Sound Blaster ZX sound card and I'm having issues with the mic sounding like I'm under water. Here's the set up: AT2020 > XLR female to male XLR cable > Phantom Power AC18v > XLR female to male...
  23. J

    Which pc is better

    Im wondering what pc is better for the price and which is better performing. 1. https://www.komplett.no/product/11115/pc-nettbrett/komplett-pc/komplett-gamer/komplett-entry-gamer-intel#custom-parts-list 2. https://www.multicom.no/multicom-tycho-i517c-gaming-pc/cat-p/c100583/p10639117
  24. S

    VMware Workstation 14 Mouse Problem

    I have problem with mouse in VMware Workstation 14. I have Windows 10 x64. Mouse works fine in previous VMware Workstation versions.
  25. D

    Is g4560 enough for gtx960 SLI ?

    Hi. Long story short i got another Gtx960 and i am concerned if my g4560 cpu has enough power not to bottleneck Gtx960 sli. Thanks for answers.
  26. G

    Help with purchase

    Looking for a fairly portable laptop/tablet I can use for everyday browsing, e-mail basics, but need to run adobe for a small sign design business. Do a lot of vectoring of customer artwork which enables me to cut out designs with a vinyl sign cutter. Prefer: small size, touch screen, prefer...
  27. C

    Need Help Choosing Better Graphic Card for Battlegrounds

    Hi, I need some help of an fps expert of graphics card and games. I would like to know which of these graphics card will run pubg / battlegrounds better than the others ? - GTX 950 - GTX 1050 - GTX 660 - GTX 750 TI - RX 550 - HD 7850 - R9 270 - R7 370 I have tried to google, textures of few...
  28. N

    My PC restarts when when I try to stress test gpu or when I play a game

    Hello there, today I've been having this issue: I reinstalled Windows 10 (Actually reset without saving files), installed drivers etc, GeForce Experience and everything works, until I open WoW. When I open WoW, on settings I've been using before, my PC restarts right when I enter the game, but...
  29. O

    EVGA 1070 - Can I use an 8 to 6+2 (x2) cable to power it?

    My card needs 16 pins (8 x 2) to be powered. My PSU (RM650x) has a cable which is 8-pin to 6+2 (x2). Which is 8pin to 16pins. Is this an acceptable way to power the 1070? Or does the source end need to have 16 pins as well? I could run it as 8 -> 6+2 twice, but I'm wondering if the split...
  30. C

    Is this CPU good enough for gaming?

    Hi! I'm planing on building my first PC. So far I've decided on a GTX 1050ti 4gb and 8gb of Ram (2 x 4gb). I'm not so sure what CPU to get. Would a Pentium G4560 do the trick? Or should I spend the extra cash for a I3 7100 or Ryzen 3 1200? I'm just looking for a system than can run AAA games...
  31. N

    GTX 1060 vs RX 580 discussion, Expert advice needed?

    Hello so this might be a little long post. The cards I am talking about here are both Gigabyte Auros cards. And I am also talking about the GTX 1060 9 GBPS version. Prices are around the same... To start things off I am listing the differences between these two cards. These are the ones that I...
  32. K

    Fan Profile / QFan Control

    My build is Asus Maximus IX z270, 7700k at 4.2ghz with a NZXT Kraken x52 (got four Corsair ML120 Pro on it push / pull) mounted on front of case and got four Corsair ML120 Pro (three on top for exhaust and one on front as intake) on a PWM Hub that came with my case. When I'm in the bios it...
  33. T

    WD My Passport Ultra stopped getting detected on Macbook Air

    Hello, I have a Macbook Air 2015 and a WD My Passport Ultra hard drive. The hard drive is formatted in exFAT format and used to work fine with my Macbook until recently. Now, when I connect it, the light on the drive turns on and I can feel the drive working (vibrations) but it is not detected...
  34. A

    Samsung M2020 Color Smears on prints

    Hello I have a samsung M2020 laser printer, scanner, fax, copy machine. And everytime i print colour from my mac or pc i get a smear of colour ink on the page I have attached a image of the result. Can someone tell me if there a solution. (i masked my info on the page with red (that was...
  35. R

    amd a8 9600/a12 9800

    i want to upgrade my pc here's the specs: proc: amd a4 5300 mobo: asus mobo fm2 socket ram: 2x4gb 1600mhz kingston psu: 520w seasonic im on a tight budget like if i buy this list of items: -ryzen 3 1200 -2x4gb 2400mhz ram -am4 socket asus mobo k320m i can no longer afford to buy a gpu like...
  36. B

    GPU stops working if the drivers are updated

    Hi, I'd like to update my GPU drivers on my EVGA GTX 960 to the latest drivers due to half my games not working anymore. However, when I try to do this, the GPU stops sending signal to the monitor as soon as the PC wakes up after the initial restart. The only way I can get it to function...
  37. I

    Windows 10 login blue screen

    Windows 10 does not let me login. I think it is trying to log in using my windows 7 profile. After three atempts of it trying to login.I get a blue screen. I have been trying to use windows recovery but once I do that my keyboard and mouse shut off and I cannot navigate the windows recovery...
  38. B

    Second Monitor won't display

    So i noticed that my second tv that i'm using as a monitor wont properly display anything. when i leave it go the screen will go black and then occasionally show my picture but it will show all blurry. I'm using a hdmi to displayport adapter on my GTX 1080. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  39. S

    Is It good for eRendering

    Is Asus g series is better for rendering.
  40. P

    2x4 gb or 1x 4gb+ 1x 8gb

    Hello. I decided to increase my RAM. But idk which i should by ; - 2x4gb Or 1x 4gb + 1x 8gb Specs: Cpu: intel pentium g4560 Gpu amd radeon r7 265 Mobo asus prime b250m-k Thanks a lot.