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  1. M

    Question RTX 4060ti Low FPS

    Hi, I recently bought a MSI Ventus 3fan RTX 4060ti and paired it with my i7 8700,8gb ram,H310 mobo, 1tb hd,512gb ssd, CV750 psu. I mostly play Apex legends and CS 2. I had a GTX 1050ti before and it gave me 70-80fps on apex legends in 720p. After upgrading my gpu i still get same fps. No...
  2. angurishu

    Question (i5-12400 & RTX 4070) Low CPU and GPU usage.

    Essentially, I upgraded my GPU from an RX 580 (AMD) to an NVIDIA RTX 4070, used DDU, and cleaned every single possible thing, but for some reason, in most games, specifically Overwatch 2, my CPU usage hovers around 30–40% and my GPU usage is 20–40% on high settings. I'm playing the games in...
  3. JustComix

    Question Why is my pc not reaching high fps in games?

    Hey, I'm posting on here because I'm trying to get some help with my pc. Im currently trying to play Apex and I've watched many people play with similar specs and get close to 400 fps on low settings but I'm having trouble getting 100-200. PC Specs CPU - i7-12700k GPU - RTX 3060 Msi Dual Fan...
  4. Z

    Question BSOD Apex Legends

    Hey guys, my friend has been having issues with very frequent (sessions of 2 hours at the very most before crashing) We've tried replacing his RAM, replacing his HDD with an SSD, and updating drivers. I have some of his latest minidumps here. One of these was with driver verifier active...
  5. F

    Question Apex legends not launching (SSE3 error on a CPU that supports SSE3)

    I am a PC-Steam-Windows 11 user and I recently downloaded and installed Apex legends. Whenever I try to run it, it says that my CPU doesen't support SSE3. I have a AMD Athlon X3 435 2.93 GHz Processor and it does support SSE3. Any solutions?
  6. Quinnfuzzball

    Question Whole pc crashes and restarts itself ingame or on game (Apex Legends) open

    This issue is flying right past me every time I try and fix it. I've used just about all my resources and they haven't helped. Here's some details, feel free to ask for more: If you need a speccy, dxdiag, or ini, I'll grab it. 5800x No OC 5700xt (Radeon) No OC 16 giggle bits of well loved ram...
  7. damzkii

    Question help 1080p 240hz or 1440p 165hz for apex?

    I have trouble deciding which monitor to get for playing apex and tried googling this but couldn't get any good answers My pc specs: i5 9600k rtx 2070 super 16gb ram Please help and share your opinions :)
  8. OscarL

    Question Error 0xc0000005 when launching Apex and Fall Guys ?

    I only have the error occur when trying to launch Fall Guys or Apex Legends. It goes through the easy anti cheat screen then proceeds to give the error 0xc0000005 I have tried everything online like switching off DEP and antivirus, updating drivers, etc. I have trend micro anti cheat. PC spec...
  9. H

    Question Can someone help me analyze "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA" BSOD ?

    Hello, I am getting Page Fault BSOD's every time I play Apex Legends. Can someone please analyze the BSOD dump file so I can know what's causing the issue? I am attaching the file location below. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnYEHJTxiTvkh1KJ4Z14A0CJhSJr?e=QkwawI
  10. K

    Question Cpu overheating after changing the GPU.

    Hello folks, I have a problem of overheating now with my Ryzen 2600X CPU while playing games at the segment of Apex Legends. I had a GTX 1070 which I changed for a Zotac 3070 ti trinity OC. The GPU runs cool, seeing only about 74 C at max usage but my CPU has started to overheat into a BSOD in...
  11. A

    Question CPU throttling in Apex Legends ?

    I have a 2600x and it sits at around 4-4.1ish ghz at all times but when I launch Apex Legends it goes down to 3.6 GHz. I tried to manually OC it to 4 but whatever is causing the throttling overrides it. It doesn't do it in any other games and it's not like it gradually goes down. As soon as I...
  12. S

    Question Apex Legends Restarts my PC

    My friend recently built his PC and the first thing he did was install apex. Once he started loading into a game, the computer would shut off and restart. We tried it again multiple times with the same result. It doesn't restart in the training field though, so maybe it's because of the player...
  13. J

    Question Apex Legends using too much VRAM, causing painful studders ?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using a Gigabyte GTX1650 Super, and recently I got into Apex Legends. My graphics card defaulted to High texture settings, in-game saying that it would only use 3-4GB of VRAM, which is ideal, since the 1650 Super has 4GB GDDR6. I noticed extremely bad frame times...
  14. J

    Question Stream stutters and lags

    Having trouble with my stream stuttering during gameplay. Main game is apex legends that’s where all the stutter come from. I lowered the bit rate to 2200 set the frame rate to 30 FPS and resolution to 720p and the stutters went away but now it looks like crap. Is there something I’m missing or...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] I'm so sick and tired of spending hours of my free time trying to fix games that never end up working

    My PC- gpu: EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 ko ultra gaming cpu: Ryzen 5 1600 (12nm) ram: G.skill tridentz 16gb 3000mhz mobo: ASRock B450M Steel Legend psu: SilentiumPC Vero L3 500W ssd: Kingston A2000 M.2 500GB hdd: Seagate barracuda 3,5" 1TB Sorry but I'm also going to use this as a bit of a vent. Ever...
  16. AQuais

    Question My brother has problem about his r5 2400g and 1050ti to play Apex legend

    He said his apex legend was very lag. about 10 - 20 fps sometime is freeze his spec R5 2400gb board asrock a320m hdv Ram 8gb 1050ti 4gb He tried following the clip on how to increase fps but it didn't work. help me pls. thank you (sorry about my grammar)
  17. J

    Question Stutters and FPS drops and lags in games

    So initially every game was running fine Apex legends and valorant both but then suddenly one day PC starting lagging and I checked and find it was bcoz of GPU throttling so opened it and check and thermal paste was try so I just replace it and even replaced thermal pads as old ones were dirty...
  18. G

    [SOLVED] 1060 6gb or 1650

    what should i get ?upgrading from rx 460 4gb .A used 1060 6gb or new 1650 for 20000 inr (270 usd)?
  19. G

    [SOLVED] low fps

    i have a 9400f rx 460 4gb 8 gb ram and i get fps drops below 30 fps in 720p while my brother gets constant 60-70 fps with gtx 1050 2gb and 16gb ram,howww?is it a ram issue,and here i was hoping to switch to 1080p.Saw online benchmark of rx 460 online,all had much better fps than mine in 1080p:0
  20. G

    Question upgrading from 720p

    switching to 1080p.And i get around 70-100 fps in apex legends in 720p(but also around 30-40 in specific areas) with apex taking 6300mb ram out of 8gb.will Apex be playable in at least 900p in new monitor?Do i need to get more ram?
  21. B

    [SOLVED] Frame Stutters in Apex and RE2

    For some reason I'm only getting frame stutters in Resident Evil 2 Remake and Apex. These are the only games that I know of where it occurs and other games I play like rocket league and even battlefront 2 on ultra run just fine. I've also already tried reverting the windows April update and that...
  22. HadokenP1

    [SOLVED] Upgraded CPU, game I wanted to upgrade for is still slow and laggy.

    Hello. I am having an issue with my CPU right now. I downloaded Apex Legends to play with my friends, but I kept having lots of disconnects, crashes, and freezing while fighting or loading/dropping. I figured the issue was with my processor, since my old one was an Intel Pentium Gold G5400, and...
  23. SenditGames

    Question New build crashes/reboots when playing Apex Legends ?

    Hi All, Hoped someone might be able to help me here as I've checked other threads and can't find an exactly similar problem or solution. I see some crash breadcrumbs, but am not knowledgeable enough to put them together. When playing Apex Legends, my PC will shut down and reboot. It spends a...
  24. Y

    [SOLVED] Graphics Performance Suddenly Isn't the Same Anymore

    I primarily play VALORANT, and my average FPS ranges from 120-280 even while recording at 10,000 Kbps. My graphics settings were all always set to the max since I haven't really encountered any FPS issues until just recently. Before getting more into the post, my specs are: Samsung SyncMaster...
  25. B

    Question apex legends restarts pc

    so my pc is all new parts when I start up apex I get to the click to start screen and it restarts, I have good temps from testing with furmark and cinebench and when I start apex they are good temps also, so there are no temperature problems, Apex is installed on my SSD and I get the problem...
  26. manoharpk

    Question Ryzen Master - Clock speed is empty / undected for 5800x

    My specs : Ryzen 7 5800x RTX 3070 Asus ROG B550-f AMD's Ryzen Master shows "Current Clock Speed " as 0 MHz. Are these both not compatible or what should be done to fix it? I want to check if I have installed all drivers as I am getting lower frames than those projected for my build. Valorant -...
  27. CT_LeadR

    [SOLVED] Can't get a stable 144 fps on a RX 580 and a R5 3600 in Apex Legends, GPU upgrade?

    I can't achieve a stable average 144 FPS especially on World's Edge and around Lava, I feel the frame drops below 110. Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB, DDR4-3200 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB SSD: Corsair MP510 M.2 Monitor : 144 Hz 1080p FPS drop below 130 in...
  28. Pivor

    Question Microstuttering and low FPS on Apex Legends with high-end PC (stock i7-4790k + RX 5700XT)

    Hello brothers, I have a problem I'm dealing since i brought my pc, i thought that my pc is beast, but it seems like it lack performance. When I play any games i got random framedrops, stuttering and low fps in majority gameplay. My Spec: MSI Gaming 5 z97 (prob best for my CPU, updated BIOS)...
  29. D

    Question Underperforming RTX 3080?

    I recently installed an RTX 3080 into my system, specifically the EVGA FTW3 Ultra. Unfortunately, I feel somewhat underwhelmed in the performance of the card so far when it comes to my FPS in games like Far Cry 5, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends. When it comes to Far Cry 5, I've come to...
  30. V

    Question High end PC similar results to Old One

    I recently bought a pc much better than my old one and I am getting just about the same fps in Apex Legends. New pc: ryzen 3900x rtx 2080 super 3600 16gb old: geforce 1070 i7 7700k 2133 (I think) 16gb What can be causing this? I have turned off game bar and changed settings to prefer...
  31. G

    Question apex legends

    guys i have a 720p monitor so the legends seem very unclear turning up tsa also harly does anything ,Its tough to hit even at close range because i can only see like their color and so..unclear ,its worse as my monitor sucks.I am saving for a 1080p one ,but till then can you help? Its very unclear.
  32. JosefuAto

    [SOLVED] ASUS FX505DV-NH74 Framerate lower then normal.

    Greetings forums! Recently my friend purchased an ASUS FX505DV-NH74 laptop (RTX 2060, Ryzen 7 3750H, 16GB DDR4) for gaming purposes. During one of our play sessions, we noticed that framerates in games that should run at above 60 (Minecraft with Shaders, Overwatch, Apex: Legends, all at...
  33. A

    Question i7 7700k + 2070 put into prebuilt severely underperforming

    I used to have an i5 7400 and 1070, and had extremely high FPS rates on every game that I played, but I recently upgraded both and have started to have severely underperform. My Apex Legends used to run at 150+, and the person who I gave my 1070 to can even run apex better than me now. Whenever...
  34. G

    Question My pc doesn't show my native resolution

    My pc resolution is 1366x768(as there are black bars at current resolution which is 1366x768) and it doesn't show a resolution higher than 1360 x768 and when i look at videos my current resolution looks worse than 1280x720.how to change it to back ,also i can't do this through amd because it...
  35. G

    [SOLVED] Apex legends

    I want to know hat i am doing wrong ,because i practice with an aim trainer daily and the above 90 percentile in some of the tracking exercises,but i don't see any improvement in my aim in- game.Also does 150 ms cause not registering of shots.
  36. Healer21

    [SOLVED] Apex legend connection to server time out code:leaf error

    unable to play the game every time a match is connected it shows connection to server timed out code leaf.How do i fix this can anyone help?
  37. bluebluez

    Question Help with stuttering in Apex Legends w rtx 2070super!!

    Hi, just got myself a new pc built and using my old ssd n hdd for which my win10 and games are located. Setup everything smoothly and system runs perfectly but realise when i run apex legends, theres stutter/microstutter every now and then, my fps is sitting high and constant of 144 without...
  38. B

    Question Low fps with ryzen 2200g and rx 580 on single channel ram 3000 mhz

    Hello i have a setup with ryzen 2200g and rx 580 gts 8 gb on single channel ram 3000mhz 8gb tho i get very low fps on apex legends and i dont know why i mean the fps are tragic and other pc with same specs run fine (same specs not single channel ram i guess) i dont know where is the fault can...
  39. arvindsagar702

    [SOLVED] Entire system lags during source engine based games loading.

    I have recently got a new monitor and am now running a dual monitor setup but I didb't realise it until now that whenever either CSGO or Apex Legends is loading a game or just starting up anything on the entirre system starts lagging, except any audio being played. So if a video is playing on...
  40. flomor

    [SOLVED] Games feel laggy with high fps

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my pc and I've changed everything except gpu, hd and case. Since then when I play fortnite it feels like I'm playing on 30fps but I've locked them on 144 and they are stable. But sometimes the game is smooth fo a while and then it starts to doesn't feel...