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  1. Question Frame Stutters in Apex and RE2

    For some reason I'm only getting frame stutters in Resident Evil 2 Remake and Apex. These are the only games that I know of where it occurs and other games I play like rocket league and even battlefront 2 on ultra run just fine. I've also already tried reverting the windows April update and that...
  2. HadokenP1

    Question Upgraded CPU, game I wanted to upgrade for is still slow and laggy.

    Hello. I am having an issue with my CPU right now. I downloaded Apex Legends to play with my friends, but I kept having lots of disconnects, crashes, and freezing while fighting or loading/dropping. I figured the issue was with my processor, since my old one was an Intel Pentium Gold G5400, and...
  3. SenditGames

    Question New build crashes/reboots when playing Apex Legends ?

    Hi All, Hoped someone might be able to help me here as I've checked other threads and can't find an exactly similar problem or solution. I see some crash breadcrumbs, but am not knowledgeable enough to put them together. When playing Apex Legends, my PC will shut down and reboot. It spends a...
  4. Yosef Marcera

    [SOLVED] Graphics Performance Suddenly Isn't the Same Anymore

    I primarily play VALORANT, and my average FPS ranges from 120-280 even while recording at 10,000 Kbps. My graphics settings were all always set to the max since I haven't really encountered any FPS issues until just recently. Before getting more into the post, my specs are: Samsung SyncMaster...
  5. B

    Question apex legends restarts pc

    so my pc is all new parts when I start up apex I get to the click to start screen and it restarts, I have good temps from testing with furmark and cinebench and when I start apex they are good temps also, so there are no temperature problems, Apex is installed on my SSD and I get the problem...
  6. manoharpk

    Question Ryzen Master - Clock speed is empty / undected for 5800x

    My specs : Ryzen 7 5800x RTX 3070 Asus ROG B550-f AMD's Ryzen Master shows "Current Clock Speed " as 0 MHz. Are these both not compatible or what should be done to fix it? I want to check if I have installed all drivers as I am getting lower frames than those projected for my build. Valorant -...
  7. CT_LeadR

    Question Can't get a stable 144 fps on a RX 580 and a R5 3600 in Apex Legends, GPU upgrade?

    I can't achieve a stable average 144 FPS especially on World's Edge and around Lava, I feel the frame drops below 110. Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB, DDR4-3200 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB SSD: Corsair MP510 M.2 Monitor : 144 Hz 1080p FPS drop below 130 in...
  8. Pivor

    Question Microstuttering and low FPS on Apex Legends with high-end PC (stock i7-4790k + RX 5700XT)

    Hello brothers, I have a problem I'm dealing since i brought my pc, i thought that my pc is beast, but it seems like it lack performance. When I play any games i got random framedrops, stuttering and low fps in majority gameplay. My Spec: MSI Gaming 5 z97 (prob best for my CPU, updated BIOS)...
  9. D

    Question Underperforming RTX 3080?

    I recently installed an RTX 3080 into my system, specifically the EVGA FTW3 Ultra. Unfortunately, I feel somewhat underwhelmed in the performance of the card so far when it comes to my FPS in games like Far Cry 5, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends. When it comes to Far Cry 5, I've come to...
  10. V

    Question High end PC similar results to Old One

    I recently bought a pc much better than my old one and I am getting just about the same fps in Apex Legends. New pc: ryzen 3900x rtx 2080 super 3600 16gb old: geforce 1070 i7 7700k 2133 (I think) 16gb What can be causing this? I have turned off game bar and changed settings to prefer...
  11. G

    Question apex legends

    guys i have a 720p monitor so the legends seem very unclear turning up tsa also harly does anything ,Its tough to hit even at close range because i can only see like their color and so..unclear ,its worse as my monitor sucks.I am saving for a 1080p one ,but till then can you help? Its very unclear.
  12. JosefuAto

    [SOLVED] ASUS FX505DV-NH74 Framerate lower then normal.

    Greetings forums! Recently my friend purchased an ASUS FX505DV-NH74 laptop (RTX 2060, Ryzen 7 3750H, 16GB DDR4) for gaming purposes. During one of our play sessions, we noticed that framerates in games that should run at above 60 (Minecraft with Shaders, Overwatch, Apex: Legends, all at...
  13. A

    Question i7 7700k + 2070 put into prebuilt severely underperforming

    I used to have an i5 7400 and 1070, and had extremely high FPS rates on every game that I played, but I recently upgraded both and have started to have severely underperform. My Apex Legends used to run at 150+, and the person who I gave my 1070 to can even run apex better than me now. Whenever...
  14. G

    Question My pc doesn't show my native resolution

    My pc resolution is 1366x768(as there are black bars at current resolution which is 1366x768) and it doesn't show a resolution higher than 1360 x768 and when i look at videos my current resolution looks worse than 1280x720.how to change it to back ,also i can't do this through amd because it...
  15. G

    [SOLVED] Apex legends

    I want to know hat i am doing wrong ,because i practice with an aim trainer daily and the above 90 percentile in some of the tracking exercises,but i don't see any improvement in my aim in- game.Also does 150 ms cause not registering of shots.
  16. Healer21

    [SOLVED] Apex legend connection to server time out code:leaf error

    unable to play the game every time a match is connected it shows connection to server timed out code leaf.How do i fix this can anyone help?
  17. bluebluez

    Question Help with stuttering in Apex Legends w rtx 2070super!!

    Hi, just got myself a new pc built and using my old ssd n hdd for which my win10 and games are located. Setup everything smoothly and system runs perfectly but realise when i run apex legends, theres stutter/microstutter every now and then, my fps is sitting high and constant of 144 without...
  18. B

    Question Low fps with ryzen 2200g and rx 580 on single channel ram 3000 mhz

    Hello i have a setup with ryzen 2200g and rx 580 gts 8 gb on single channel ram 3000mhz 8gb tho i get very low fps on apex legends and i dont know why i mean the fps are tragic and other pc with same specs run fine (same specs not single channel ram i guess) i dont know where is the fault can...
  19. arvindsagar702

    [SOLVED] Entire system lags during source engine based games loading.

    I have recently got a new monitor and am now running a dual monitor setup but I didb't realise it until now that whenever either CSGO or Apex Legends is loading a game or just starting up anything on the entirre system starts lagging, except any audio being played. So if a video is playing on...
  20. flomor

    [SOLVED] Games feel laggy with high fps

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my pc and I've changed everything except gpu, hd and case. Since then when I play fortnite it feels like I'm playing on 30fps but I've locked them on 144 and they are stable. But sometimes the game is smooth fo a while and then it starts to doesn't feel...