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  1. F

    Question Huge frame drops on Apex Legends 5% gpu usage

    Before I go any further, here are my computer specs : i7-10700k 16gb 2933MHz Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 750w Gigabyte Power supply 512gb nvme I've been having this very annoying issue on Apex Legends where my FPS drops to like 5 to 20 for like 20 to 30 seconds. I've realized that when the...
  2. N

    Question Slight lagging in FPS games

    In fast FPS games like Apex Legends and Valorant I will have small spikes of lag and it will shift my movement and completely throwing me off which makes it hard to compete. I did a ping test through my router and google through cmd and everything seemed fine with nothing going over...
  3. Kalbert

    Question Apex Legends Huge FPS drops i can't relate w anything (benchmarked)

    bench: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y-...5kFoKBEGxW4hngDp5eagraNhOyYQBlWGX2-yUIxI98i5Y Config: 5600xt Red Devil Ryzen 5 3600 (overclocked 4.3ghz,without same result) b450 gaming plus max Ram ballstix 16gb dual channel overclocked 3600mhz Playing FHD or HD same results. Settings on...
  4. E

    Question Can't achieve a solid 144 fps with a gamer PC

    Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming Ram: G.Skill DDR4 3600 16GB RipJaws V CL19 KIT (2x8GB) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X BOX (AM4) (with a bequiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler on it) GPU: Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+ SE 8GB PSU: Seasonic Focus 650 Gold Semi-modular SSD: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB HDD: 1 TB WD...
  5. G

    Question apex legends

    guys i have a 720p monitor so the legends seem very unclear turning up tsa also harly does anything ,Its tough to hit even at close range because i can only see like their color and so..unclear ,its worse as my monitor sucks.I am saving for a 1080p one ,but till then can you help? Its very unclear.
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Apex legends

    I want to know hat i am doing wrong ,because i practice with an aim trainer daily and the above 90 percentile in some of the tracking exercises,but i don't see any improvement in my aim in- game.Also does 150 ms cause not registering of shots.
  7. fadelrama

    [SOLVED] High ping in certain games

    why my ping high in APEX, BFV and Warzone and pubg. But my ping fine in DOTA 2 and csgo. Ping in dota 2 is 22 and in bfv is 200 both connect to SEA server. please help
  8. JuanPedro15

    Question Keyboard Problem

    Well, my problem is: When i press SPACEBAR + D + I at the same time, the keyboard literally don't recognize the "I" and it will be keep writting D since i stop, same with D+SPACEBAR+I, it will keep making spaces since i stop. First, i know what the Ghosting thing is, my keyboard is a...
  9. I

    Question Apex Legend cant get that FPS?? PLS HELP

    Hi, I am new at the forum, please help me out. I need to ask you PC Gurus what is wrong with my PC. I can only get 30-40 FPS on APEX legends even with low settings When I check the CPU, GPU and RAM while playing other than GPU non of them using its capacity %100 Only GPU working at %100 My...
  10. King4bood

    Question can the Toshiba qosmio x500-123 play fortnite?

    Hey i was wondering if the Toshiba Qosmio x500-123 can play fortnite and apex and if yes then what settings?
  11. A

    Fullscreen games alt tabbing causes lag spikes

    When alt tabbing in or out of a game that is in full screen (Not border less) mode it will cause these lag spikes for a couple of seconds. Id like to find out a solution on how to fix this issue. Video for example https://youtu.be/FzpPhbGyN3U Also I'm having another issue (Which you can see...
  12. E

    [SOLVED] HTC Vive compatible towers

    I have recently bought a HTC Vive and found out that my computer is not compatible. I don't know a lot about Computers and would appreciate suggestions to what gaming towers you use and what gaming towers I should buy.
  13. H

    [SOLVED] B360 MB RAM speed down clock

    Hi All, I have a ASUS ROG Strix B360 F gaming MB. And I've installed G.skill Trident Z RGB 2X8GB ram kit 3200mhz. I know this ram kit won't perform in 3200mhz speed. It should downclocks. But UEFI shows that RAM kit is running on 2133mhz speed. Shouldn't it be running on 2666mhz? How can I...
  14. R

    Needing a router that lists device bandwidth usage

    We are having a problem with an unidentified device on our network consuming bandwidth. We've not been able to track it down because the problem is sporadic and it would require plugging/unplugging dozens of devices. I need to know if there are any routers (wireless, but wired is ok) that...
  15. J

    PC gaming speed help

    My computer just cant seem to keep up performance can anyone help me figure out what to do im no tech and dont claim to be i just need help getting my pc to run at great speed. my userbenchmark is www.userbenchmark.com/userrun/11394333
  16. J

    Cheap Good GPU for A10-6790k

    Hi! I would like to know what's the best GPU for my build i have the Apu A10-6790k 6gb ram, with an a58m-k motherboards I would like to play more recent games , any suggestions? thank you
  17. M

    Trying to upgrade a Toshiba P745-S4012 CPU

    The current CPU is a i3-2350m, I am trying to get a quad core 2nd or 3rd gen i7 in the laptop. The i3-2350m's TDP is 35W, and yes...the laptop is socketed. It looks like the dual-core i7-2620M is known to work, but I'm not really interested in that. If anyone has any insight on theoretically...
  18. S

    Problem with monitor won't turn on

    So earlier this year I made a post here saying my monitor won't turn on. It didn't even have the light on even though it was connected to functional socket. But then all of sudden after two months one morning it went back on and worked like a charm for almost 7 months without any problems. Then...
  19. J

    Gainward gtx 750 ti won’t detect in new motherboard

    Hi.. recently I had a upgrade in motherboards (p7h55 m-lx)to(Lenovo think centre m91p mobo) the old motherboard was running the lastest bios but I’m not sure about my new mobo. The problem is my graphics (gainward gtx 750 ti) won’t get detected in my new motherboard. I’m 100% sure it’s working...
  20. T

    What ram should I get for my ryzen 7 2700 with the asus prime pro x470 mobo

    I want to get the trydent z rgb 3200Mhz ram and I have read that cl14 is the most stable. Cl14 trydent z is 250€ in my country while cl15 and cl16 are 191€. I would like to know if cl15 and 16 would work.