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    Question troubles installing apps

    Windows 10 pro. Suddenly I can't install any more programs. "Installation failed", "installation blocked", "generic error" etc. even if I try to install as administrator. Has there been any important news in the latest system updates (which I have set in "automatic" and therefore I don't...
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    Question RGB fusion crashing

    So i have an Aorus z390 pro and sadly i have to use RGB fusion 2.0 to controle my card (Aorus) and mu mobo RGB ... i know This software isnt really good but i have no choice. BUT, i cannot even open it, it worked 1 time and after a reboot, it wont even finish the loading screen and it crashes...
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    Question USB Turbo Charger

    Hello, I have got the Z390 Gigabyte Aorus Master (rev. 1.0) Mainboard and it tells me that it does support the USB Turbo Charge. So I have tried to install their Software from their official website ( ) but every...
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    [SOLVED] bottlenecking possibility

    Hi guys, i am a new one over here and i am gonna ask a question about bottlenecking and my components compatibility, so i have a system which is below and my old gpu that was crashed one year ago and i was so satisfied with it so that i decided to buy the same one but there is no place i cant...
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    Asus Prime x370-pro No display, No Beeping and Keyboard won't connect

    Hi, I'm building my first PC, but I have 0 luck booting it. Part list: Problem: ■ Keyboard won't connect - it's RGB keyboard - nothing lights up - tested 2 other keyboards; ■ I'm connecting via HDMI, tried 2 other TV and VGA - but still nothing; ■...