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  1. G

    Question Does making the "AppData" folder visible ruin my computer ?

    Hi, I was installing a couple of emulators yesterday (xemu and flycast), and I store my emulators in AppData, in an Emulators folder. Anyway, flycast wasn’t showing AppData as a selectable directory for ROMs, so I made AppData visible in the file settings. This was fine initially, but when I...
  2. AsIIsA

    [SOLVED] Ramdom CMD-like window open for 0,1 sec then close

    Hi, I recently have this page that open like for 0,1sec and then close I mean I don't even see it every time but it's kinda annoying I manage to record my screen and picture it : And when I check the file it doesn't exist in even with all the show masked element did install Kaspersky to check...
  3. Nova43

    Question How to install secondary software files to non SSD drive?

    I have an internal 240GB SSD Drive and an internal 1TB mechanical drive in my desktop computer. The SSD is where I have the OS installed and the 1TB drive is used for file storage. When I install software, it typically installs the core program files to the Programfiles(x86) folder or the other...
  4. Berob501

    Hard drive not detectable by BIOS or any other program

    My second hard drive, a 2TB Seagate drive is no longer detected by my computer, I have tried to use different Sata cables and different power cables but nothing seems to work, so I know its not the sata cables or the power cables. When the computer turns on I can feel the drive stir for a...
  5. Technetium-99

    CPU and GPU usage correlation

    Hello, If you read my recent threads, you'll understand that I've been having issues with gaming, due to sporadic occurrences of second long frame rate drops and micro stuttering. There's a correlation between the frame rate drops, my GPU usage and my CPU usage. More specifically, my CPU and...
  6. K

    Windows Solitare Game

    I also Can't find Solitare anymore Or Hearts or chess. Can you tell me where they are I was at the Microsoft store but it wouldn't let me Load it. I just downloaded 10 today. Thanks Kinnyr90
  7. J

    ASRock 980DE3/U3S3... How is it for general gaming?

    Will it overheat? how long will it last? I know most heat comes from GPU CPU etc. But What are the VRM's like and such? This will be for Dayz, Battlefield 4 ETC.
  8. A

    Advice On A New Build

    Hi, first time builder looking for advice. Been reading on this site for awhile now and I would appreciate some input and advice on my prospective build. Little bit of info before I list components. Approximate Purchase Date: Roughly a Month (Mid September) Budget Range: 1300-1600 (loose)...