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  1. TheFlash1300

    Question An app that can allow me to control the speed of the fan

    Is there an application that i can use to increase the speed of the fan to its maximum? Currently, the system decides when to increase or decrease the speed of the fan. I want to make sure the fan is running at its maximum all the time, while I run specific tasks. So, I need a program that can...
  2. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] Is NetShare safe, secure, and encrypted?

    Hello. I would like to use my tablet as a Hot Spot to give internet access to all my devices, without connecting my devices to unsecured Wi-Fi, and risking getting viruses. So, this is what i did: I downloaded NetShare+ on my tablet. I connected my tablet to a Wi-Fi network that isn't secured...
  3. TheFlash1300

    Why are there still computers with 4GB RAM?

    Why do companies, that produce laptops and desktop computers, still produce laptops and computers that have 4GB of RAM? Since Windows 11 came out and it requires at least 4GB of RAM, shouldn't every new laptop or computer be produced with at least 8GB of RAM, so there can be 4GB of RAM for...
  4. rinzler001

    [SOLVED] Missing Programs

    Good afternoon all, My issue today is after restarting my pc I seem to be missing several programs - or more so they just aren't in the start menu anywhere. The programs that I lost for some odd reason are: Notepad, Wordpad, Event Viewer, Google Chrome, and for some reason Edge got removed as...
  5. S

    Question Hi, I am Brenyon and I have a burning question for my close friend Brenton about the Java client and applying it to .jars.

    Hi, I am Brenyon. My friend, Brenton is currently having a issue opening .jar's using the Java client. Below I have listed a screenshot that Brenton took on his own PC, NOT mine. In that screenshot it clearly shows that even though Brenton has his newest version of the Java client installed he...
  6. O

    Question PC and Applications become inactive

    I could be watching something on YouTube, the video freezes but I still hear sound, I can pause it and click other things but I can't see it happening visually, same thing with every other application, everything is unresponsive including the windows "sleep, shutdown and restart" options.
  7. V

    [SOLVED] Couldn’t boot, got new drive, trying to recover old files (they’re visible)

    Hey all, So my 500gb m.2 boot drive won’t load up Windows suddenly. I tried everything, even command prompt stuff. I was able to see the files through the cmd but couldn’t repair windows without losing my files on that drive. The drive IS still readable, I just can’t risk losing application...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] Edge, sound settings and almost everything else won't stay open. Crashes on launch.

    I have Windows 10 up to date and this just started this morning. I have the same version of Windows 10 on my laptop but this problem is happening only on my desktop PC. I have included a video of what's going on. Any idea what's causing this?
  9. ICameon

    [SOLVED] Windows can't find applications after Windows reinstallation.

    I have 3 different drives. My C drive is where windows is installed, my E drive is where I put all of my games because they take up a lot of space, and my D drive is where I keep everything else, such as my applications except for Steam. I just did a clean reinstall of windows 10 (C-drive), and...
  10. I

    [SOLVED] Upgraded my computer and now my old HDD/SSD does not show some applications

    I upgraded my PC today. I upgraded CPU, motherboard, ram, and added another SSD. My problem is that some applications on my old hard drives are not showing certain applications. For example, I had Geforce Experience installed but when I search for it nothing appears. I do see all devices listed...
  11. J

    Question Chrome crashes when i launch a link from another application

    Hi there, I have noticed that if i open a link to a website from an application when chrome is closed, chrome crashes and i have to restart it. Does anyone know how to fix this. Many thanks in advance.
  12. M

    Can travelling damage a pc?

    I want to do a portable pc since my parents are divorced, and I'm gonna be moving it at least once a week. And this is great, but a friend of mine is telling me that, pc's cannot tolerate being moved, and that it will easily be damaged. Is this true? And if so is there anything you can do?
  13. M

    Crackle Noise in Recording

    I have an issue when recording my game play for my YouTube channel and every once in a while I get a Crackle noise come through the microphone recording track. I can not find any solution thus far. My PC specs are; AMD Athlon X4 760k Black Edition MSI A78M-E35 Socket FM2+ Crucial 8gb Ddr3...
  14. W

    will my cpu be a bottleneck? (amd a10 5800k @ 4.2ghz)

    im contemplating buying a r9 480 and was wondering if my cpu would be a massive bottleneck
  15. V

    Cf r9 270 or Cf r9 280x help

    If you had a chance of cf one of these cards wich would it be? The only downside is if I cf my r9 280x I need a new psu with more pci-e connectors. And If you would cf the r9 280x, how many watts do I need? The cpu is a i5 4690 Thanks in advance And sorry for my bad English.
  16. D

    My Future 4K Upgrade!

    I am planning at some point to upgrade my pc to play 4k. So I was wondering if I needed to upgrade anything else besides my graphics solution when the time comes? PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type Item Price CPU Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor $211.99...
  17. KENDAWG2000

    Ram Upgrade from 8gb to 16gb help/advice?

    Hello tom'sHardware, in my current PC I am rocking 8 gigs of DDR3 ram (found here) - I was looking into possibly upgrading to 16gb of ram but need some help. There are many brands and such, I have heard that these 2 sets are quite...
  18. A

    I forget my router password.... How do i change the password without reseting the router

    I forget my router password...... I don't want to reset the router..... What can i do for it?
  19. M

    mork and mindy

    I cannot open my Outlook e mail on my laptop (Vista). I have to go on my wife`s laptop to look at my e mail`s (were in the same house.
  20. Z

    Worth selling my 770 2GB for an R9 290?

    Hey guys. I'm really considering selling my 2GB 770 and buying a 4GB 770, my Fallout and Skyrim could really use the extra VRAM due to the huge mod load order I got going on for both games, and it'll help me keep the GPU longer, rather than upgrading sooner than later due to lack of VRAM. I had...
  21. J

    i5-4670K (not going to OC it) Should I get an aftermarket cooler or use the stock one?

    I am not going to OC it. In fact, I chose the 'K' version just in case I want in the future. Should I use the stock cooler (for stock speed) or get a CM Hyper 212 EVO?
  22. H

    Windows 8.1 Drivers for HP Elitebook 8440p

    I have installed win 8.1 on notebook HP Elitebook 8440p but on website drivers for win 8.1 are not available . But it is working fine but i am not satisfied because of grafix performance, like it is playing HD video but not an attractive one. All drivers were installed by default except finger...
  23. H

    RAID on Storage drives

    Hello, i have a 480GB SSD as my primary boot drive and for my main applications. My secondary drive is a 1TB seagate HDD, on which are all my important files. I want to purchase another 1TB seagate HDD to backup my secondary drive... e.g. in a RAID configuration. I dont really care about my os...