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  1. pedropandesal

    Question 2 NVME FOR 2 M.2 SLOT

    Hello! I have a question. I got a mobo and that is B550M mortar. Is that ok to occupy my 2 M.2 slot not USING THE PCIE SLOT. One is for OS with a 120gb nvme and the other slot is for apps/games with a 1tb nvme. Also is it ok to swap them? the 120gb with os is at the slower m.2 slot(lowerpart)...
  2. E

    Question Regarding Windows 10 file system access and privacy

    Dear forum English is not my first language, and my Windows is in danish, so please excuse spelling mistakes etc. "Allow that apps gain acces to file system" = ON "Choose which apps that shall have access to your file system" = List is empty / there is no apps I have read the support site and...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Best OS for HP Pavilion X2 detachable PC 10

    I bought this little computer from someone else who installed CloudreadyOS on it, but I hate this os. It came with Windows 10 originally, but I don't know if I should try to go back to windows since this computer only has 2gb of RAM. I think it's a 64bit or 32bit. Not sure, but I wanted to...
  4. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Are Metro Apps Still Popular?

    As the title says. Since Windows 10 was released, do the majority of desktop users use these at all?
  5. G

    Question Distorted desktop apps

    Hello to the community I have an issue regarding my desktop apps, and it doesent matter which. As linked in this post. The pictures you see is directly print screened, and i have no idea why it occurs. When i open an app it slowly becomes more and more grainy until it is almost impossible to...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Airplane mode on phone..

    Hello! I was wondering if its okay if I turn my iPhone 8 on airplane mode for a few hours when I’m not using it to save battery. Is this okay to do, or am I gonna damage the battery? Also is it okay to charge my phone to 100 percent overnight? From, Ryan
  7. 1

    [SOLVED] All apps are greyed out after an update (FIXED)

    Hi, after an update, all the windows 10 apps are greyed out, start button, clock, volume don't work, non of the google fixes help...Is there a solution without reinstalling\reseting?
  8. System32_76

    [SOLVED] App For Testing Functionality Of Computer Peripherals?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is an app for Windows which checks to see if every port and jack on the computer's I/O works correctly. Something that is like a diagnostics app, but for the computer's external hardware instead of its internal components.
  9. I

    [SOLVED] Launcher for Windows 10 Apps downloaded from MS STORE

    So i am searching for hours and found no close answers to this my question is there some launcher for my windows 10 apps you know like a convenient list of apps that is from ms store , i know start menu does this. im just askin if there's a software for this because i want to install somethin...
  10. J

    Question What's wrong with my PC?

    My task bar has this gap between the bottom of it and the bottom of my screen as if it was a few pixels off the bottom My apps don't boot up before i log in anymore and they wait until i'm on the desktop before starting up Some apps keep crashing completely, such as voicemod and peripheral...
  11. W

    Question [Samsung J7 Pro] Won't let me move apps/games to SD card

    Android version 9 One UI version 1.1 I've had this phone (J7 Pro) for about 2 years. The phone comes with 16GB of internal storage, well... that got filled up quite quickly considering about 5GB is for RAM. Anyways I got a 64GB SD Card a while back. I can move some apps to the external storage...
  12. N

    Question Interesting Apps??

    What are some interesting free apps and software i should download on my PC that will simplify my life and are just simply cool?
  13. Dollas4Eva_SR

    Question Can't turn cellular data on for apps on iPhone!

    I was trying to save data on my phone so I turned off cellular data for most of my apps. Unfortunately, my iPhone decided to automatically reset all cellular data statistics for my phone. So now, the apps that I previously turned off have dissapeared because the system thinks it haven't used...
  14. M

    Question What The Best Software To Download Files else idm

    i need software to download files i need it free?
  15. G

    Question Google Chrome video color issue

    I tried other web browsers like Firefox and Opera, watched Youtube videos and there no issues, so only on Google Chrome have color issue that the video show redish color instead black color, and here a image that have a bit redish color video with black page while other browser the page and...
  16. O

    Question Forensic computer research question

    This is a bit unusual but I'm helping someone who has some disabilities and he's been getting nasty messages on instagram kik etc. The downside is he doesn't know who's sending these messages to him and he's blocked by these people shortly after he reads them. Once he's blocked the user and the...
  17. S

    Question Last opened window shows on home screen and drop down menu

    Hi. I have been facing a strange problem. The last opened window appears on on other apps, home screen and dropdown menu with low opacity. How to fix it? My LG V10 VS990 shows last used app on home screen or on any other in transparent. when i drop down the menu, i can see the last...
  18. M

    Question how to record live streams

    i want to record live streams from apps that provide live streams. this would only be for personal use, if i can't find the time to watch a live event but want to be able to watch later. if you have an suggestions please let me know, something legit, good quality possibly free and i can save...
  19. J

    Question Windows

    Hi everyone. I have an issue with the internet access on my windows 10 machine that I have been unble to solve for several days. My computer recently got infected with a virus. I formatted my SSD with the OS on it and re-installed Windows 10 Home. Since doing this I have been unable to use the...