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  1. infw

    Question My GPU probably hate Linux?

    Hello, i'm Linux (Laptop, Arch) + Windows (PC, because my mom and brother..) user for a long time, so now after i got my own pc and wanna install linux i got some weird let's say BUG i call it BUG because i never experienced something like that even if i'm a pc repair guy with 5 years of work...
  2. S

    Question Linux Freezing

    Not quite sure where to start looking; depending on how intensely I'm using my computer, the system will completely freeze a few times a day - I cannot switch to a tty or anything, and I am forced to restart. I thought this was an overheating issue, but I'm fairly sure it's happened once or...
  3. S

    Upgrade to watercooling system

    Hi guyz , I own a Zalman z9 plus case and I decided to upgrade my cpu cooling system. I currently have a Hyper 212 evo to keep my cpu cool.The problem is that I don't know what watercooler will fit in my case . I read that a custom watercooler will fit . So my question is : What cpu watercooler...
  4. H

    Does more cores help for running many applications simultaneously?

    Hi everyone, I did a Google search on this and found older articles so I kind of want to get an answer for this day and age. I often like to run many many things at the same time like web browsing with over 9000 tabs VM servers gaming etc etc. I know RAM is a must but was wondering if like a...
  5. M

    Motherboard SLI Compatibility? (GA-Z77X-UP5)

    Hello, The Gigabyte webpage for my current mobo says it's SLI compatible ( but the board isn't listed in the SLI compatible list on Nvidia's website...
  6. O

    Problems with adding a router to a modem/router combo.

    Long Story. Thanks for reading. Parent's got a modem/router. Problem was that when one computer (HP desktop) was used, SOMETIMES/MOST TIMES, the other laptops (2macbooks 1 lenovo) had sever lag and could not load pages. I connected an n600 router to the modem/router in order to create 2 wifi...
  7. R

    Gaming pc for csgo?

    I've built this pc for csgo hoping it would get around 200fps?