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  1. G

    Dell Truemobile wi-fi install

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I got a Truemobile from Ebay today and am having trouble installing it. I downloaded the drivers from Dells site using 6_22_00 file. I have a Compaq Presario 1200 XL118 with Windows 2000. Windows detects the card as a MTD-002 and it...
  2. Junkmalee

    USB is the worst ergonomical input

    USB is the worst ergonomical input!! Every time I have to plug in a USB I can't get it in right away. Its always faced in the wrong way at the first attempt. I turn it around and it still doesn't go in and then back around again to only end up pulling the PC out to actually see where I am...
  3. B

    Dell laptops 4030 bluetooth driver

  4. J

    Online Multi-platform games

    My friend has a 360 and I am a computer gamer. I am trying to find games that we can play together online. He refuses to play on the computer and I suck at console gaming. I was wondering if Call of Duty 4 multiplayer is a cross-platform game. If anyone knows of any games that are it would...
  5. G

    ATI Radeon xPress 200 Series

    How can I get this product and not pay to fix it? That I can fix it right away.
  6. shiftyape

    virtual memory for win7?

    what is the best way to configure your virtual memory? in my system i have 8gb of ram, and the virtial memory is set to 8gb, but it recommends 12 gb of virmem. what is the best settings that will be the best performing?
  7. Rybo

    What's the difference?

    So I was looking around at video cards at the 200$ price range and came across the R9 270x and the 7870 as possible upgrades to my 7770. I really dont see a difference between these two cards:
  8. I

    Which Monitor would you pick out of these 2

    Not sure if this is the right part of the forum just wanted to know which of these two monitors you would go with or is there a better one for similar price? ill be using them for gaming mainly and possible movies. 22" ASUS VH228H Widescreen LED Monitor...
  9. G

    Ctrl or Shift + close button?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) Is it true that holding down ctrl and/or shift + close button of a window is supposed to do something? Some said it has to do with remembering the size of the window.
  10. B

    Viewsonic vx2739wm and ps3

    Hello, I just purchased this moniter and wanted to hook up the ps3 to it. I tried hooking the hdmi cables and it says no signal. Is this the proper way to connect these devices or do i have a bad cord/hdmi connection to the monitor?
  11. G

    19' Monitor

    Is 19' Samatron Monitor a good choose? ******** MIGSAN76 ********
  12. G

    Standart tripod

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi , I have Canon G5. Does all tripods are standart and they are all fit to my camera? If not , what type/specification do I need to look for? thanks
  13. D

    Good Suggestions For Claw Grip

    Hey All, Not sure if this was asked anywhere but Im in the process of trying to find a decent gaming mouse. I just a claw grip and my hands arent huge but theyre not to small. Palm to middle finger is around 7 inches if that helps haha. Iv seen a ton of talk about the deathadder and a ton of...
  14. Dark Lord of Tech

    Best budgetdigital dslr!

    what is the best one for around 500.00 to 600.00?
  15. D

    Upgrading Nvidia GeForce 9100?

    I own a HP Pavilion p6214y Desktop with an integrated nvidia GeForce 9100 graphics card. I'm thinking of upgrading the graphics card/power supply to one of these: Graphics Card...
  16. auntarie

    Borderlands resolution problem

    Hi there. I bought a new monitor about 2 months ago- 22'' 1920x1080. I recently fired up the best game of all times and it was in 1280x1024 (my old monitor's resolution), everything was expected. But the next time I opened the game it was still in 1280x1024 and it reverts to that resolution...
  17. B

    Dead Computer

    Hi all; I have an older Aopen cube system (model EZ661-T) that has died, nothing happens at all when I try to turn it on. I have verified that the power supply is fine, so I'm thinking the switch may be faulty. I've taken it apart, but am not sure which is the power. Could anyone give any...
  18. E

    COD4 crashing

    anyone else have this problem? at the missle silo stage, after destroying 2 BTMs, you have to rapell down an air shaft. every time i rapell, and start the next level, it crashes. no error message, no nothing, other then suddenly the COD4 console is open on the taskbar, when i never opened it...
  19. G

    Inexpensive podcast studios are no excuse for low-quality audio says podcast exp

    Hobbyists and professionals from all walks of life are trying their hand at making podcasts and it doesn't take thousands of dollars to get started. Speaking at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario California, Paul Figgiani, a Senior Production Engineer at GigaVox, told attendees that...
  20. S

    Anyone successfully mounted the playdisk?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I can't seem to mount the playdisk to a virtual drive, I keep getting Securom errors, I've made a perfect copy of the playdisk with CloneCD (1x read, subchannel data etc) and try to mount it, and still get an error, I've tried...