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  1. Shwapx

    Question ARGB out of sync on Gigabyte B660M

    Hello All, I have gigabyte B660M motherboard with one ARGB header with max power rated 5A/5V Initially my PC was build with one rear Arctic P12 ARGB and CPU Cooler with I35 ARGB fan from Arctic which are daisy chained with their ARGB connectors and plug in the one ARGB header which I have. I...
  2. Ohgood1

    Question Msi A320m gaming pro will not post with ryzen 3 1300x

    CPU EZ debug light on. Will not post. Everything is correctly installed CPU pins are fine, tried switching graphics cards and ram. Took mobo out and attempted boot, still no dice. Mobo: MSI a320m gaming pro Cpu: Ryzen 3 1300x Gpu: attempted msi radon rx 480 4gb and evga gtx1050 to Psu: evga 600w