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  1. Alikish

    Question Cpu running 50 degrees at idle

    I have a Intel core i5 7500 with an acrctic cool alpine 11 pro revision 2 and in idle my CPU is running at 50 degrees and at load 70 to 80 degrees, I have one cooling fan bringing in fresh air from the front and 2 exhaust fans. What can I do to make it run cooler because I know it shouldn't be...
  2. S

    Laptop LCD problem

    Hi, As the title say my laptop's monitor became non-plug'n'play, but every laptop's lcd should be pnp. It started when i tried to overclock my gpu with EVGA precision. I was hasty and OCed it little bit too far, shortly after OC gpu crashed and green artifacts came on screen(we're talking about...