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    Question MSI Armor RX580 8GB very hot temperature and loud noise

    Hi guys i recently bought an second hand rx 580 the msi armor edition oc and the thing is at 100% fan speed is nearly at 3500rpm and its too noisy also the temps stay at 76-78 degrees all time (40 at idle with 0rpm). What should i do? I was plannig to buy an custom arctic coooler they are a bit...
  2. Naipross

    [SOLVED] Cryorig M9 plus vs Arctic Freezer 34 (esports) duo

    Which one of these 2 cooler gives better performance and wich one is quiter? Also what's the difference between the Esports version and the regular version on the freezer 34?
  3. News Arctic Teases Semi-Passive, Near-Silent Threadripper Cooler

    Arctic Cooling recently demonstrated a prototype of its upcoming passive cooler for Threadripper CPUs. Read more here. MATTHEW CONNATSER @Talpss177 Matthew Connatser is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news.
  4. G

    Question Best non chiclet bluetooth keyboard?

    Greetings. I am looking for a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet. But I hate chiclet keyboards. Is there a full sized standard keyboard that uses bluetooth? I've thought about a micro usb to usb adapter and try to use a standard keyboard but all I see on Amazon is OTC cables, what ever that is...
  5. J

    Question Im building a WindowsXP gaming PC and i cant boot off of DVD

    So im trying to boot off of a DVD to install windows and i keep getting the "no boot device available, press ENTER key to retry" message. I put the DVD drive to priority boot, i burned an ISO image of windows XP SP3 onto a dvd, everything is plugged in correctly, i just would like to play some...
  6. T

    Question RTX 2080 XC Ultra Fan 0 RPM

    So I've done everything from uninstalling drivers with DDU to manually adjusting fan speed in Precision X1 (although I dont know how to really use EVGA software in terms of leaving it running after applying and saving or what). While I'm gaming only Fan #1 is spinning and the other one is at...
  7. M

    Question Good frames with Vega 64 at 1440p?

    I just bought a 1440p monitor on sale without really considering the frame drop that will come with it. What kind of frame rates would the vega 64 get in newer games if I tuned some settings down. I will be getting an intel i5-9600k, 16gb ram, and a vega 64 for the freesync that came with the...
  8. M

    Rx580 Ryzen System unable to play BF1

    (Sorry For Double Posting but did not know how to change category) Recently whenever I try to load into a multiplayer match of BF1 on my system, Rx580 Ryzen 5 2600 Asrock pro4 b450m It crashes i can load into a squad and play for a minute then a crash to desktop. Ive reinstalled drivers used DDU...
  9. P

    Linux HDD -> Windows PC

    Can I grab a 250gb hard drive from my old linux box and put it in my brand new windows pc?
  10. C

    B450 Gaming Plus

    Turned on my PC this morning and everything seemed fine except the red cpu debug light comes on for a sec turns off, then the vram light does the same. then they shut off and PC boots? CPU ryzen 2700x GPU 1060 6gb
  11. A

    Building an office desktop

    I'm building a budget desktop pc for my parents. They work as secretarians and don't have a pc at home. What is the best budget choice possible? I got a bunch of stuff from old pc's. This is what I have: power supply - lc-8500btx CPU Cooler - Heatsink Fan Skt 478 C33224-002 ram- some kingstons...
  12. M

    1080 Ti Temps (Non-Overclocked)

    What are your temps like for unoverclocked 1080Tis? Or overclocked too, I suppose. I'm running ARK (only game I've got downloaded at the moment), and my temps are at about 74C. Is that normal? My ambient temperature is about 19C. I've got an EVGA 1080 Ti SC2, if that matters at all.
  13. A

    i5 8400 temps

    So i have an i5 8400 paired with an old AMA Orc cooler and it's reaching tops of 77c degrees on assassin's creed origins while averaging around 67c, settings set to the highest except for AA which is set to low, Is this normal? I changed the cooler because intel stock cooler was reaching 91+...
  14. M

    Mid tower or Full tower?

    heres my build: Can I stick with this case or do I need a full tower bc I dont want to not be able to fit everything into my computer but my motherboard is quite large imo. Just need some opinions/recommendations.
  15. J

    pc build advice

    what are your opinion on this build
  16. C

    PC Case Replacement

    Hi! I'm looking for a new case for my current build. I have some extra money and I want to (if possible) find something smaller and better suited to holding my multiple hard drives/SSDs. I'm going to University in September and would like to find something that won't take up too much desk space...
  17. H

    Are the Norton Antivirus programs exactly the same?

    Hello does the antivirus on Norton Standard work exactly the same as the Premium or Deluxe? Or do these versions have much stronger and tighter security than the Standard? Thank you. Lee.
  18. E

    looking to buy a budget 120/144hz display

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a 120/144hz budget display for use as a primary display. This would be put alongside a AOC 24" 60hz secondary display for a dual screen setup. I had a look around and I found a lot of mentions of the following: -Asus VG248QE -BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 -Asus VF248QE -Acer...
  19. amitsharma227

    Htc Vive Related

    I am living in India and want to buy htc vive from Canada due to to cheaper cost .Will it work? if i use in India as faras "Power supply difference" is concern in these countries .
  20. K

    BSOD and Intel Graphics Driver

    Recently I have received 3 BSOD that are directly related to the Intel graphics driver. The computer only has the built in graphics chip in the CPU. The computer has been running Windows 10 Home for over 2 years with some issues, but the BSOD related to the graphics drivers is a new wrinkle...
  21. Z

    Computer turned on but it turned off and then on by itself few times before turn on normally.

    So yesterday my computer was running normal and today when i turned it on it started to turn on then it turned off then by itself turned on again and off, several times (each loop lasting about 4seconds+/-) till it turned on (normal) after about 15 of that loop, i was a bit shocked about it and...
  22. G

    Pixelmator Pro Review: Still a Powerful Bargin

    Pixelmator's new photo-editing app for Macs uses machine learning to speed up some editing tasks. Pixelmator Pro Review: Still a Powerful Bargin : Read more
  23. M

    should i buy a new graphic card now or wait for the new volta architecture cards to release..

    Is it worth waiting for a gpu to be release expected in q3 of the year 2k18 or buy a graphic card i.e gtx 1060 or 1070
  24. L

    Asus P5G41C-M LX not working with new ddr3 ram

    Hello i have a problem with my mb Motherboard:Asus P5G41C-M LX Proc:Core2Quad q8200s So i had 2x2gb ddr2 before and it worked fine. I bought 2x4gb ddr3 1333 then installed it but after switching it on it didnt even boot but the fans were running tho So i installed the ddr2s and it boot into bios...
  25. B

    Help on upgrading my pc's gpu

    I am looking to upgrade my computer's gpu, here are my specs i7 3770k 960 4gb 16gb 1tb I'm looking to buy a gpu that can handle games like Rust, GTAV, BF1 and Ark at Ultra settings. I cannot go past 310 dollars with the price. Thankyou:)
  26. B

    PC will not show any output to monitor

    I bought a used PC that was missing a powersupply and had no optical drive or hard drive. The PC has an Amd R9 390 graphics card. I buy a 600 watt power supply and install it. I put an old hard drive of mine in the PC. The PC turns on, hard drive spins, all fans spin, cpu fan spins, but I cannot...
  27. stellarcorp99

    PSU for Vega 56

    I've found a lot of threads about PSU for Vega 56. But I dont't really want to change my current PSU. So my question is, will my current Corsair RM550X be able to handle the Sapphire RX Vega Nitro+? I'm using a R7 1700 + Antec Mercury AIO 240mm, 24GB DDR4 2666MHz with 4 case 120mm fans.
  28. L

    having some problems with gaming and looking for some answers

    on this game i play called player unknowns battle grounds i get bad frames and i dont know why my pc specs are an intel core i5 6600k and a gtx 1060 and a z170a gaming m5 motherboard, if anyone could help me out i would really appreciate it.
  29. J

    LC-60LE644U problem when plugged in

    My sharp Aquos smart tv turns itself on a few seconds after i plug it in. It then shows the sharp logo, after that it goes black and responds to nothing. remote or buttons on tv do nothing Did try to reset with holding the volume down and power button on tv, does nothing also the netflix app...
  30. M

    Upgrade Motherboard or build new PC?

    I've had my PC for two years, I have upgraded it once, replacing the graphics card with an RX 480. Now I am going to upgrade my motherboard and dying PSU, which also means that I will need DDR4 Ram, I need a new motherboard so I can get a Ryzen CPU that won't bottleneck my GPU. (My current CPU...
  31. T

    My dell pc will not show the login screen

    My Pc works fine, but I started it up and hit enter to login, but when I hit it it just got rid of the time and stuff. Please help. Now all it shows is the background.
  32. N

    Which memory is better?

    DDR4-3000 CAS 15 or DDR4-3200 CAS 16. Same amount of RAM.
  33. A

    40 GB of bloatware

    So i have an MSI GL62M 7RD laptop and ive disabled all the startup programs and removed the "recovery" which was 20gb, but still am low on space. Its a 250GB ssd and all my games in total are about 160GB, minus Windows which is like 35GB, which makes no sense in where all the other space is. I...
  34. H

    i5 2500 On Stock Cooler High Temps?

    I have a i5 2500 @3.3GHz on Turbo mode (3.7GHz) which is enabled in my BIOS, it says the temperature of the CPU is 50 Degrees which is very high when I havent even booted the PC? I have applied Artic MX-2 Thermal paste, and I have a stock intel cooler. My Motherboard temperature is 28 degrees in...
  35. G

    HP 500 189 upgrade

    I have an HP 500 189. It has an... AMD A10 6800k Hd Radeon 8750 10gb ram 300 watt psu JasmineR mobo If i upgraded my psu to a 450w and my gpu to a 1050ti, can i play medium 1080p on Destiny 2?
  36. O

    Should i buy this ? Need serious help Hey guys i've thought about getting a new monitor since mine is quite old and 1440x900 res and 60hz .... I gets me screen tearing in all games unless i play borderless windowed.... I've thought about...
  37. A

    Booting up SOMETIMES trips the breaker

    I tried searching the forums but no one seemed to have my particular problem. It is an Antec 620 HCG. When I press the boot up button on my tower it sometimes immediately trips the breaker requiring me to go to the circuit breaker and switch it back on. Sometimes I have to repeat this multiple...
  38. V

    Low FPS recently bought the computer?

    Hello, so i got low FPS on pretty much all of the games i play. Or rather i got 100-150, but thats what i had on my last computer aswell, and this one is a huge upgrade. Is there any program to see if i got all drivers if that might be the case? Even tho i got the geforce app on my comp which...
  39. E

    What size hole and drill bit do I need to mount a 24 inch Asus monitor to a wooden board?

    I am making a custom case which will have a Vesa mounted monitor to one side panel so it will be like an all-in-one PC. However I have to drill holes through the wood in order to attach it. What size holes and drill bits do I need in order to make it work? I know nothing of drilling. They are...